Java to be Removed from Ubuntu

I don't use Ubuntu myself, but those who do - and need Java - might like to read this link.
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  1. You beat me to it :) I've just been reading the discussions:

    There are a few important points with this:

    1. Sun Java was never the default in Ubuntu, you had to install it by hand.
    2. This is planned, OpenJDK was always supposed to replace Oracle Java.
    3. If you had a version critical environment then likelyhood is that you already turned off automatic updates.

    There are some things that this might break, there were a few tales in that slashdot thread of things not running in OpenJDK but nobody seems to be naming the sepcific calls being used that cause inoperability.

    It's an interesting move for sure.
  2. Ah it says if you want it you can still go and get it from the Oracle website.
  3. Ahh it was only a matter of time till this happened. The less your wed to the Evil Empire the better.
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