Best dx9 card now or dx10 to try and future proof a bit

Hi if you was to buy a really good dx10 capable card now it would be very pricey.
So would it be better to get a good dx9 card (or two) save some cash and wait and see how the whole dx10 thing pans out once there are an amount of games available.
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  1. I'd wait for the 2900 XT to flood the market a little more. It's clear that new DX10 cards aren't going to come out for a while. So... i guess my answer is to wait another month or so. By then GTS and XT will be a bit cheaper i think. Though, this card is a fcuking steal:

    $285 for a 8800 GTS. Niiice.
  2. Either go with the $275 8800GTS 320mb or get the 7950GT for $149 (Newegg).
  3. 8800GTS 320MB is the best :wink:
  4. Look at what you want to play.
    Research. (budget, DX9 or DX10, res., Image quality , etc.?)
    Buy best price/perf for those games. (Could of course buy the Ultra if you got the money and avoid some of the work, but what the fun in that?)
    Research. (future titles, DX9 or DX10, budget, res., IQ, etc.?)
    Upgrade when needed.

    Its a neverending story. =)
    Btw i always get told my 320MB is not enough, but its all up to you, what your requirements are not theirs.
    My GTS is a "little" better then my old x1600xt, so yeah its enough!

    So don't listen to me, find out for yourself, hehe.

    Oh and better start saving on your next GFX after you buy the new one. =)
  5. Unless you really need DX10 support right now I wouldn't worry about it. There will most likely be better DX10 cards by the time any DX10 only games are released. It kinda depends on what you want to spend.

    Best thing to do would be to do some research on what you want.

    I'd probly get one of those cards previously mentioned if they're in your price range, just make sure they're compatable with your hardware.

    Since only nvidia cards have been mentioned here's an ati card that's excellent for the money incase you have an ati chipset.

    note that there's no DX10 support for this as there is with the 8800GTS 320MB though.
  6. DX10.1.

    I'd wait as I think it needs new cards, again (!).

    Should be out around the end of the year so if longetivity is your thing, you might want to wait and buy a DX9 card.

    However, it may be along time before DX10.1 shader model 5.0 games are out (I know of none in development) so with this in mind you might wqant to just get DX10.

    If going for DX10 though, again I'd wait a little, let all the ATI cards come out, Nvidias response then reassess the market as prices are going to fall.
  7. You should probably just get the best card you can afford since there will always be an upgrade just around the bend. Besides, the 8800GTS will beat out any DX9 card in DX9 games as well as having DX10 capability. Point being, you're getting better performance if you go with DX10 cards with or without having any DX10 games. May as well go with a DX10 card.
  8. Quote:

    I'd wait as I think it needs new cards, again (!).

    The ATI HD2xxx cards are already specked for the next DirectX version (onboard hardware tessellation)
  9. I would go with the 8800gts 640 at the least right now,maybe better to get the gtx version.Or you could just wait a bit longer and then buy a gtx in awhile when they get a little cheaper.Goodluck.


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  10. So even if i stick a couple of 1950xt in cross fire the 8800s will still be better?
    With the prices coming down all the time you could get them for about £150.
    If dx10 games are few and far between and xp dosent get support for it then is it worth worrying about it at all.
  11. Quote:

    I'd wait as I think it needs new cards, again (!).

    The ATI HD2xxx cards are already specked for the next DirectX version (onboard hardware tessellation)

    So wait... If i buy a gtx now I'll have to buy a new card in 6 months to a year?
  12. You won't have to but there will be features that form a part of DX10.1 which is designed to step up to truly cinematic graphics and more efficient rendering that can't be activated on your card.

    As someone else pointed out the 2900XTX is supposed to be compliant with the draft 10.1 standard but that may change. Also, the 2900 hasn't been a particularly impressive performer up to now pre-release hence its postponement.

    I guess it all depends on how desperately you want a card. I think things will become clearer once the XTX is released as Nvidia will probably release their new cards with the new die shrink and you'll be able to see which cards, if any comply with DX10.1. That said technology is moving so fast at the moment waiting is a bit like chasing rainbows. Its has to be your choice as to whether you buy now or wait.

    I can't find any good links to explain DX10.1 as there's not much about it out there at all and Microsoft's Powerpoint presentations are hard to understand this side of you being a pc graphics programmer.
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