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What OS should I install Vista 64bit or Win server 2008?

I am building a new computer I am going to use an AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3GHz quad Core for the processor. I haft a spare Vista 64 Bit copy and a Windows server 2008 copy. What would you suggest I install.

This computer is mainly going to be used for home use like games, web browsing, reports, video editing.

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    Some claim that Server is a little faster than Vista but I have yet to see conclusive proof of this - they both have the same core and for the most part server will do everything Vista will do (no 'media center' though, I presume) but I would personally stick with Vista (and Vista 64 for sure) and rest easy that you will never have any odd compatibility issues because you are running a 'different' OS than other gamers.

    OTOH if you are feeling adventurous you might try server for the neck of it - some enthusiasts are doing just that in the hope they avoid some Vista 'bloat' and maybe get a slightly snappier system.

    But Vista is running great now for the gamer/enthusiast user - frame rates have equalized between XP and Vista and I doubt very seriously you will find Vista sluggish or buggy in any way shape or form
  2. Thanks for the information!

    I think i will stick with Vista 64 bit for the time being.
  3. it's most likely best to go with vista, as some applications might have a problem running and/or installing in a server 2008 environment. alot of programs will check what OS version you are running when they install, so you might get a message that the application is incompatible with your operating system.
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