go dual core or quad

if i upgrade my cpu should i go with the e6600/e6700 or the q6600.
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  1. they all suck.

    seriously, why can't you make the decision yourself? surely you're capable of a quantitative analysis? And how in god's name can someone make that decision for you when they have no clue what you plan to do with ur system?
  2. word processing.

    no actually gaming
  3. dual core then.
  4. Well for future proofing your computer I would go with the Quad Core. It will def future proof the computer and allow for some really good gaming.
  5. says who? only company i know of working on quad core gaming is valve. the rest hate having to deal w/ more cores.

    high clock speed + dual core is his best bet for gaming.
  6. Ok by future I mean a year or so down the road. I would say several game designers will be working on or having out games that are able to utilize mulit cores somewhat by that time frame. Also lets take into consideration that we do not know if this computer is going to be a straight gaming rig or if it is going to be used for more such as video editing or photoshop. Also along with other software that are capable of using multi cores. Unless they plan on buying on a new computer yearly or sooner it would make more money sense to invest in something for the long run. But i do agree though that higher clock speed/dual core is better for gaming at the present time no doubt about it.

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