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Nero Burning Rom Vista Problems.

are there any nero7 users around here? the nero search toolbar is causing me problems. i cant seem to find a way to remove the darn thing even if i uncheck it on its very own options tab. googling around i found something that says regvs32 or something like that but it dont seem to work when i type in the command line. this freaking nero software is a pretty nasty bugger, more like a rootkit or something. i also ended up with 2 nero home services running on the background.

can you guys help me out on how to remove this thing? or can you suggest a better nero alternative that is free and functional? this nero7 came with the dvdrom drive so i pretty much didnt have a choice but install this thing.

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    Try to uninstall the whole thing and install it again in advanced option, where you can choose which of the Nero Application you really wish to install...
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