Hi: I just built a new computer and tried to install vista 64 with no joy! So I'm looking at a windows xp 64 bit system, could someone please tell me if there is a xp 64 upgrade version? i'm currently installing xp home basic on it but its only 32 bit system.
Also how is xp 64 bit system with gaming? since 64 bit is based on server code was woundering if it had problems with games?
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  1. XP64 is only available as an OEM new install version. There is no upgrade path from an existing Windows installation to XP64. It works fine with all the games that I've tried with it (things like FlightSim X, Civilization IV), but I'm not a heavy gamer. You shouldn't have any problems with drivers for graphics and audio cards, or joysticks, etc.

    Having said that, if I was in your position I would investigate why the Vista 64 bit install didn't work. If it's a new build you would expect Vista 64 to be an easier install than XP 64.
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