XBMC live vs ubuntu + xmbc

Hi, I am building a HTPC. I wish to use XMBC. What are the pros/cons of running ubuntu + xbmc vs xbmc live?

Thanks, Daniel.
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  1. First thing here is that XBMC Live is actually built on the Ubuntu live CD so either way you're basically getting Ubuntu. The XBMC route is already configured so there is less work for you to do to get the XBMC components working. You can still install all the Ubuntu software although there is a slight chance that updates might take a little while longer to get out to XBMC than Ubuntu but as XBMC is so popular it's going to be up to date in most regards.

    Biggest advantage I can see - No Unity desktop, just XFCE and ready to roll XBMC with the XBMC Live option.
  2. Hi checkout openelec. 100% better than xbmc live :)

    (get the latest build from here: http://sources.openelec.tv/tmp/image/openelec-eden/)

    100mb install to a flash drive
    boot straight into xbmc in just a few seconds.
    supports ion, fusion, broadcom... out of the box without having to configure anything.
  3. OpenELEC looks very nice. But I wish to be able use a webbrowser to surf the net and check webmail, text editing with Libre Office or similar. And maybe even play a game. Is this possible with OpenELEC? Or perhaps i should install both ubuntu and openelec and have it booting in openelec as standard. Then the it is possible to boot in ubuntu whenever I need it. What do you think?
  4. Try the LiveCD's of each of them and see which you prefer. They all have plus and minus points which you're not likely to really discover untill you start playing with them in anger.

    What's the worst that can happen? You might end up having to redo some configuration work.
  5. Openelec does not include a browser. or text editor. it is simply a media center meant to be controlled with just a remote :)

    and of course it is possible to dual boot!

    or have regular drive for ubuntu and flash drive for openelec and select on startup...
  6. I ordered it with a 60 GB SSD (for OS) and a 500 GB HDD (for crap). It should arrive tomorrow :-) Shouldnt the SSD be enough for both OS? I am strongly considering openelec because of the boot time, however I am not impressed with the lack of a web browser. What do you reckon would be the difference in boot time in the following 3 scenarios:
    1. Openelec
    2. XBMC Live
    3. Ubuntu (light custom install) plus XBMC

    Motherboard: Asrock H61M-GE
    CPU: Intel Core i5 2400 3.1GHz 6MB
    RAM: Corsair DDR3 PC1333 4GB CL9 (2 pieces, 8GB total)

    Thanks, Daniel
  7. openelec is near instant on. the entire install is 100mb. From my usb flash drive and fusion board, 15 seconds. will be much faster if on ssd.
  8. I will consider making a small partition for openelec just for when watching a dvd or blueray. However I just realized that I need my htpc to be able to watch web tv, which seems unlikely without a browser.

    If having three partitions on the same SSD, partition 1: openelec. 2. XBMC Live. 3. Ubuntu. Is it possible to make it automatically boot to XBMC Live without any senconds of delay for choosing otherwise? Then if I want a boot menu I should press a button during startup instead.

    Thanks, Daniel
  9. which webtv? xbmc has MANY plugins....

    Yes the latter is possible through editing GRUB bootloader.
  10. It is a danish web tv, called waoo. I doubt there is any plugins avaible, but i will get to that once i get my machine, it should have arrived today, but didn't :-(

    GRUB bootloader, I will write that down.

    I don't really have any experience choosing size of partitions. I will have 60 GB SSD solely for OS. Should I go with:

    A. 5 GB for openelec. 15 GB gor XBMC live and 40 GB for ubuntu
    B. 1 GB for openelec. 10 GB for XBMC live and 30 GB for ubuntu and have the rest as backup.
    c. ???

    Thanks, Daniel
  11. I did not find plugin for waoo :(

    read this for dual boot guide: http://www.openelec.tv/find-help/documentation/howtos/system/item/67-multiboot-with-openelec (lots of work for you)

    also instead of xbmclive i suggest trying out xbmcfreak, same as xbmclive but better (newer packages and hardware support) http://www.xbmcfreak.nl/en

    also also really i think you are making this too complicated with ubuntu and xbmc live and openelec... just stick with one, it will be less maintenance for you.

    imo you should just use xbmcfreak and be done with it or roll your own from ubuntu.
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