XP fresh install Unkown Device_missing TPM?

I have a big question, i have recently installed XP on a new machine and got it finished up but there is an unknown device still in the device manager and i have come to find out it's missing the TPM driver (Trusted Platform Module) and i have checked intel's site and about 25+ more sites and everyone seems to acknowledge this similar problem but I cant find a download for it anywhere. The machine is using an Intel DG35EC motherboard. I have checked the BIOS to every last detail 5 times and the TPM setting are not in there anywhere.... trust me i looked.

So does anyone know where i can go to download this...?
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  1. There is no TPM option available for DG35EC, so either your board is not DG35EC or the unknown device is something else, like the SMBus or LPC interface. First make sure you have SP2 or later installed for Windows XP.

    Download the Intel Chipset INF Software Utility in ZIP format. Assuming your boot/system drive is letter C:, unzip the contents to C:\TEMP\INFINST

    If the Zip utility extracts the contents to another sub-folder such as INFINST_AUTOL, you'll need to make note of the complete path to setup.exe. Click Start > Run, then enter the following command line:

    C:\TEMP\INFINST\setup.exe -overall

    If setup.exe is located in another sub-folder, add that folder name into the command line path. For example, if the sub-folder is INFINST_AUTOL:

    C:\TEMP\INFINST\INFINST_AUTOL\setup.exe -overall

    Click OK or Proceed to install the Intel Chipset INF Software. When finished, restart the system, Windows might redetect and install some devices. If so, let it automatically find the best driver (and connect to the internet if necessary). Restart if prompted. Check if anything has changed and let us know. You can delete the INF installer files.
  2. You might search for drivers for ATK0100 or ACPI Drivers....sometimes similar drivers will be bundled with those....
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