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So I installed ubuntu desktop 11.10 and created samba shares so I can access media files on the ubuntu pc. It seems to work ok, but I'm just wondering if I should've used Server 11.10 instead of desktop. I'm completely new to ubuntu so it took me a bit to install and set things up, but I'm somewhat comfortable with it now. I just want the ubuntu pc/server to store files and media and stream stuff to my ps3, and access it from my windows pcs in the home. I'd also like to be able to access the ubuntu pc remotely, which I'll need to research as well. Is server much different than desktop? As it is now, the ubuntu pc is just another pc on the network that I can share with the other pcs. Is there anything special about server that let's me do more of what I want this system to do?
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    The big difference is that the Desktop version comes with a GUI interface and more applications for general purpose use. The server version removes some of this to reduce the size and overhead. If you have it working then I'd say you will be absolutely fine, if you have perfromance issues then you might see a slight improvement with the server edition. For home use it makes next to no difference.

    If you want the official line then read this link:
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  3. If you can I would go with the GUI.
  4. Feh, GUIs are for the weak :)
  5. GUIs are for the lazy.
  6. Meh. Real men use punch cards and a dot martrix printer for output.
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