Hello, completely new to this forum. Came here becuase I have a home built computer and am having blue screen lock ups and system reboots during DEFRAG, system virus scans, and anything that requires the HDD to be accessed for reasons such as I mentioned above to include webroot scanning. I have built this system which has been stable up unitil now. I will list my config below. But here is what happened. I noticed after about two weeks after I returned from Afghanistan and installed the Norton and WEBROOT I was fine. After about twoo weeks later I noticed when I was scanning that it locked up then did a reboot. Shortly there after norton scaned and did the same thing. Then when I did a defrag it did the same thing. I uninstalled Webroot to narrow it down and no dice. Also removed all recent windows updates to narrow that down. Not sure what the deal is so I put a new Mboard as a upgrade with new ram and new video card and same thing still happens. I bielve its something related to windows updates but I have uninstalled SP3 and it still messes it up.

Mboard MSI P7N Platinum SLI LGA 775 ( Latest Chipset Driver installed from NVIDIA )
Proc C2D E6600 65W @ 2400MHz (not overclocked)
Video Card EVGA GTX 280 1Gig Ram (not clocked)
Ram GEIL Evo One (4 Gigs) DDR2 (not clocked) PC26600
WINXP Pro SP2 (legit Copy)
HDD Samsung 500Gig SATA 3gig
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  1. first I would try to uninstall Norton.
    I know .
    I have used Norton before and hated it Especially the Suite.
    My sister has it and wont leave it because its paid for.
    Its amazing how much it slows things down and causes problems.
    Honestly Im not bashing here.
    Try this first
    Goto my computer|right click|properties|advanced and get to system restore and turn off auto reboot.. (this step may vary as Im on vista)
    This will give you a error code for the blue screen. Google the code
    If not
    Take it offline before this but delete Norton and run a registry cleaner.
    If you want try Norton again else try Avast or one of the others.
    Im not trying to promote anything but I have had pretty good luck with Avast and my system has always been much more responsive,

    This is a good site for any blue screen errors

    I cant find the root scanner I use quickly but..

    Welcome back
  2. I,m no cpu geek and don't pretend too be, but I have Norton interne security 2007 and loved it but recently it will not catch anything, which I paid 39.00 for it and when it came time to update subscrption they wanted 49.00 too updat and like the idiot I am I did. I've got Parotologix Exsoftse and it works great and I also got webroot and it works well. Soon as my sub runs out on Norton I,m trashing it and going Xsoft, also i've got Zone alarm virus and I'm, going to use it. Also I haven't deleted ie7 but I switched to Firefos3 and you would not believe how faster my cpu runs.

    I wished there was another os I could switch and I'd tell Bills to hit the road.
    Hope this info will help you.
  3. I have been building,troubleshooting,repairing,using etc computers since the 8086/8088 cpu days and I gave up on Norton about 10 years ago.AVAST is lightyears beyond them and it is FREE!!!...JMPO...good luck with the blue screen and I appreciate your service to our country...:>)
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