Tips on using Optimizing programs?

I just bought everyone for my new computer at tiger direct and they tried to sell me some sort of software that is supposedly keep my pc health/clean bla bla bla.

Do any of you use any of those "optimizing softwares"?

And if you do could you tell me if they are worth it and some names? Thanks.
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  1. I've found that those programs caused more problems than they fixed. I remember a program that unloaded unused DLLs from memory but somehow caused a permanent increase in idle CPU usage until the next reboot. Some free ones like CCleaner are popular though, but I've never used it myself.
  2. I usually just tell people to get an antivirus program and occasionally use a malware scanner. You can get good ones of both of these for free. (try avira/avg/avast for antivirus, malwarebytes/superantispyware for malware scanner) Full system suites like Norton 360 usually cause more headaches and slowdowns than they are worth, as randomizer said.
  3. One other great utility which is free and can be incorporated into your own custom suite, if you will, is WinPatrol (freeware) by BillP Studios.

    This let's you customise your OS start-up items and much more to streamline it as much as you wish. It has a very light foot-print so you won't notice it even though it runs resident.

    WinPatrol adds an extra line of defence, as it will alert you when intrusive programs and malware attempt to make changes that you haven't authorised.

    It is well worth looking into, and the best thing is it is free, so if on the off chance you don't like it your can remove it no problems.

    Like the others, I don't see the point of any optimising software (especially paid for ones) that promise the world and can't deliver except bog your system down badly.

    Create your own. I'm sure you will be happy you will.
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