Will this PSU work for a 8800 gts 320mb?

Ok, over the years I've gotten pretty good with PC's learned alot about everything ...exept PSU's Im lost :-/. I want to learn them so I can build my own this next round coming up, Im just doing some small upgrades to get me By.Normally I have a shop build me one custom with parts I want in it.Anyhow... I have this PSU : http://www.fsp-group.com.tw/english/1_product/2_detail.asp?mainid=1&fid=52&proid=136 The 8800 gts 320mb requires 400w 26amps and 2 power dongles. Now I know I have the 400w :-p but do I have the amps? I have a total of 29 across the 12v rails...is that how its figured? also It says I need to power dongles...I have one main one with a special power plug to power my WD SATA drive . one regular power to power my cd-rom and fans(floppy is disconnected) and one that powers my 6800 gt AGP...straight from the PSU without anything else connected to it like it should be. Now the cord goes in to a Y split ..one in video card ...other hanging down. can I use that Y to power the 8800gts..it needs 2 plugs. Or does it need 2 separate power leads straight form PSU..probably so...errr but I dont have em lol. also note they said 2 hard drive power dongles...uh I have 2 of those special skinny blacks connectors but ones in my hard drive...or they just meant teh basic 12v leads that can power a ATA drive ...uh hell I dont know .Sorry so In depth...but Im really want to learn this :-)
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  1. Thanks for the answer , that was fast :-) . I have that sticky saved ,I will keep on reading it. Well , Ill leave this PC alone then and just save up for the new tower....really a waste anyhow, I have had it three years...was just getting anxious hehe for new eye candy.Thsi is good news really, saves 700 I was goin to put in it lol ...only 1500 for my next tower.My MOBO is ancient , can only go up to 3.4 ghz P4 and ddr2 533 ram and due to PSU i can only go to a 8600 gt and thats comparable in speed to my 6800 gt ....just not I big enough leap from 2.8ghz to 3.4ghz processor and ddr 400 mhz to 533 mhz ram and then the video...sure Ill see a difference, but think its a waste of money..gotta be patient...can get the money saved for the tower 12wks apx.I appreciate the help man, take care
  2. heh , not only that I have a bottleneck probably due to the P4 , the duo core or quad ...would probably make it come alive.
  3. forget bottlenecking, the power savings alone would allow you to actually use that FSP400 unit in a "bare bones" c2d/8800gts setup no question.

    A typical non-oc e6700/1xhdd/1xdvd/8800gts system will use less than +12v@20A combined. Your FSP400 is rated for +3.3/+5/+12v combined 385w max (pdf link) so subtract the "typical" 100w for non-12v rail worst-case usage you have a continuous +12v output of 285w or 23.75A - well within the limits of your current PSU.

    You chose wisely, the FSP brand (and in particular the units w/ FSP part #'s) are incredibly excellent, reliable units and are properly rated.
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