accidentally changed the Hidden and Read Only Files

Hello All!

First off, thanks for any and all help I may receive.

Here is my problem. I was trying to find any Hidden Folders inside the "Desktop" folder, so I went to Properties and clicked on Hidden, thinking that would show hidden files, obviosly I was wrong. I then unchecked it. Both times a small window opened and you could see files being changed i assumed. Then I tried unchecking Read Only. But this time when the small window was up and the files were changing, I got a messege box asking if I wanted to change 3 files. I clicked Yes. I didnt find what I was looking for and rechecked the Read Only box since that was the way I found it. Now I have some problems (Im sure alot of you are shaking your head at me, i dont blame you). When I try to open Mozilla Thunderbird to check out Email, i get an error that says our disk my be full or close to full and that there is a security issue, to conact our IT profesional... Now that wasnt word for word, but close. Its the same with a few other Applications. Is there any way to fix this? I am thinking I will need to reinstall XP Home again.
Thanks for your time!!
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  1. Update: Tried to reinstall XP Home via the disc and when I hit Enter to proceed, it says that it doesnt see a HD and to check all connections. BIOS shows it, and its working because if you boot regular it gets to the Desktop with NO icons or taskbar. It wont boot now. Something is very wrong. I just need to know if i need another HD now. Since I cant put a clean install on this HD, im thinking I HAVE to get a new HD. Please help. Thank you.
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