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I'm new here, so I'm not sure if this is in the right area. I have been getting into safe mode on my hard drive due to a windows problem. Well, when the HD booted, I accidentally hit F 10 instead of F 8 for save mode and the system recovery came up. I do not want to recover as it will wipe out my entire 120 GB hard drive. I hit cancel. here's where it gets interesting. The pc automatically reboots into systems recovery and will not stop. I hit cancel system recovery each time. is there a way to get out of this loop?
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  1. does it give you the option for F8 while booting?
    If so boot to windows. If not try to boot to the command prompt and type
    c: (enter) if at the c: prompt type win (enter)
  2. When it kept rebooting back into system recovery automatically, I hit F8, but the pc kept booting into system recovery. This is on a Sony Vaio desktop PCV-RS 520
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