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I am getting ready to build a HTPC with Ubuntu and right now I am using Windows 7 and an Xbox360. My question is: Is there any program that will allow me to use the xbox 360 Media Center Extender while utilizing the Linux system for the actual server. I really like the Xbox MCE interface and don't want to give that up but at the same time I want to run Linux on the server itself. I have been unable to tell for sure if XBMC or ushare can handle the interface or if there is some other program that will work. Worst case i can just use the built in file server in the xbox but I would really like to maintain MCE functionality.

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  1. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Media_Center_Extender, it is actually a part of Windows Media Centre (the graphic to display is sent to the Xbox), so it would not be possible to use Linux on the server and keep the same interface. It may be possible to use a different interface with a Linux server, but that kind of defeats the purpose of doing it.
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