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Ok i'm alittle stuck here and have try googling and working this out myself but i've come to a dead end and i hope someone can help me.

On this new computer we've got a Gigabyte Mobo GA-965G-DS3 with a new SATA 250GB HDD and the old HDD is a WD 80GB IDE and so we though instead of wasting the HDD we would have it as a secondary drive for storage and so we bought a Serial ATA IDE Card link for details of converter and the HDD will show up in the bios but come to windows it will not show up has anyone else had or heard of this problem or how to solve this problem.


Also we've just try to do a mobo bios update and now it wont show up in the bios so leading towards maybe a mobo problem here..
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  1. Make sure the jumpers are set correctly. If there are no other drives on the same cable, should be set to either Cable Select or Master. If there is another drive on the cable, e.g., DVD, then one will have to be Master and one Slave. Is there reason you didn't just use the PATA connection on the mobo? If the above doesn't work, try connecting to the onboard PATA connector
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