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I am planning to buy a XFX 8800GTS 320Mb and become doubtful when pairing that GPU to what CPU they will work at the best performance. Noted that I will use my system for gaming all the time. How much performance difference will result if I am going to pair it with E4400 and E6420?

Thanks for all input.
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  1. I would deffenetely go for the e6420
    Its 1.8ghz 2mb cache vs. 2.13 4mb cache.
  2. E6420 FTW!
    It can easily reach 400MHz FSB=> 3.2GHz!
    Oh God! it's my dream CPU! :(
  3. Quote:
    Pick a C2D any C2D and you will be fine. You only come close to limiting yourself is you go with an old single core CPU.

    How much percentage difference between E4400 compare to E6420 pairing with 8800GTS 320Mb? What about E4300 and E6320? It is huge? Or just merely 5% or something? Does it have any impact loss of FPS when I do it on gaming? Thx.
  4. how bout my AMD 64 3500+ @2.4

    =7600gt at the most?
  5. Not a chance dude, a 3500 can go up to x1950pro no problem and this is even on agp. Unless your motherboard *REALLY* sucks you can take it to an x1950xt even. You will feel some slight bottlenecking but only on the xt.
  6. 8800gts.... if i overclock the cpu to 3ghz?? being there before... at 43.C idle
  7. Quote:
    When your talkning about an 8800GTS on any dual core system there isn't any bottlenecking from the CPU. So there is no lost performance.

    I see, guess I'm going to grab E4400 then. Thx.
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