Linksys WRT350N router????

Have any of you had any problems with this new wireless router????
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  1. I'm having issues connecting a windows laptop to the can see the router, but for some reason it won't connect. I have a macbook and it doesn't have any problems seeing or connecting to the router... I'm stumped...
  2. Linksys WRT350N router????,

    Linksys provides a great tool to setup the router from thier website

    1. Click on Support, Technical Support, EasyLink Home Networking Tools, EasyLink Connect, follow the instructions.

    2. The disk that is issued with the router is sometimes outdated and very difficult to configure properly to your DSL/Cable, this help tool will do everything for you.

    3. Do you have any other wireless computers properly configured on the wireless router? I recommend initially confiuring the wireless router with a LAN line hooked into the router first, then use the wireless for the labtop.

    4. Last is the configuration of the laptop wireless card and connection. Can you connect to any other wireless routers ie.. coffee shops....

    5. The linksys is a great router and I have little to no problems at all with any of their products :)
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