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[SOLVED] Problems With Linux on New Computer (Asus M5A88-V EVO)


I just finished building my new computer:

Asus M5A88-V EVO motherboard, Phenom II X4 960T

The computer starts up fine, all the fans are running, ect. I can get to the BIOS, kept the default settings and was able to unlock cores (I have six now). But for whatever reason on trying to install Debian netinstall, I cannot get internet, although I'm plugged into the ethernet. The Debian installer says that it cannot find ethernet card.

I'm able to boot into a graphical environment with SystemRescueCD, so I should be able to troubleshoot, thank you in advance.

EDIT: For whatever reason ethernet is working on SystemRescueCD, not sure why though. It still is not working for the Debian installer.
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    Don't unlock those cores and try again. Just because it POSTs with 6 cores does not mean it will work with 6 cores.
  2. Well, the situation has changed somewhat since I posted. I decided to install Arch Linux, and I'm running Xfce right now. I'm able to get onto the internet (by manually running dhcpcd). However, xfce freezes constantly for a few seconds, and then goes back to normal. Would you suggest that I go back to four cores? Should I reset the BIOS to do that or just simply change it through the BIOS? Thank you.
  3. Simply change it.

  4. Okay, thank you. I hope that changing back to four cores will fix the gui freezes, which I was really not expecting to have.

    Do you think it could be the driver I'm using? I'm using the opensource ati driver.

    Also have no idea why internet is not working (automatically) and the Debian installer does not work. Although I suspect it is a Debian problem since the Arch installer gave me no problems whatsoever. Thank You.
  5. I prefer the open source driver. Works very well 99% of the time, Just doesn't have video acceleration.
  6. amdfangirl said:
    I prefer the open source driver. Works very well 99% of the time, Just doesn't have video acceleration.

    I apologize that I keep asking questions, but I appreciate your patience. I noticed that there is a little "switch" on the motherboard to enable core unlocking, should I switch it the other way to disable core unlocking and then change the settings? Sorry I honestly don't understand a ton about hardware. Probably should have done more research first.

    I will post back, once I've tried doing something.
  7. I would try both.

    Don't mind about asking questions, it's how you learn.
  8. I would like to thank you very much amdfangirl. Your advice seems to have worked perfectly. I checked I actually had the core unlocker switch to disable, reset the BIOS to factory settings. So now I have no unlocked cores (4) and things seem to be working very well. I haven't had a single GUI freeze yet. Internet was simple, I just didn't have it set up properly. Thank you!
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