Vista 64 Bit, cant find any antvirus that works?

Just load up my new rig,
Using vista 64, I was using bit defender 09' on my 32 bit sys, I have tried to get the 64 bit of bit def. to wrk, but It wont, Tried nod as well, nothing works, non will install, they say "meant for 32 bit versions,

What are you guys using?

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  1. Heya,

    I just use cautious browsing, firewall on the modem/router and firewall on windows. Cookies require authorization to install. I don't follow suspicious links. I don't open/follow emails that don't come from an address that I already know and trust. I don't use antivirus software. I just pay attention to my browsing and download habits. I don't download erroneous crap from P2P networks. I don't install `trainers' full of trojans. And I've not had a virus or worm. I also randomly check my processes in the task manager to spot anything suspicious.

    Virii don't just magically leak on to your system. They don't even just self-download. Basically they really do require you allow them in, in which case, you literally click something and it gives it the ok--be it an unsigned driver download from a weird website, some funky java or flash based "permission" or "update" that just appears while browsing a specific website, or some stupid `failed to send' email spoof asking if you'd like to view the original email that `you' tried to send (pfft).

    One really handy piece of software I use, is NetLimiter2. I use it primarily to capture statistics on all the network traffic that happens on my computer, so that I can monitor my monthly usage (to avoid going over my monthly download cap, which is a crumby 40gigs down, 10gigs up thanks to cox networks). But at the same time, it also display every process and every file or service that does anything on the network and will display what, where, when, etc, of what it was doing and the information being sent. Fantastic little proggy to keep an eye on what's actually happening on that invisible internet. Helps to spot anything that looks suspicious (like an oddly named `service' that keeps accessing something on the network, or the system, etc). It's free too.

    So yea.

    Very best,
  2. I use Avast and it didn't give me any trouble during install/use. I also hear AVG works with 64bit, and so does AntiVir.

  3. Nod works, you just need to DL the 64 bit version. I've been using it and I love it. VERY small resource user, one of the lightest, but great anti-virus rating.

    The Sunbelt suite, Vipre suite gets great reviews and it too is very lightweight - works for 64.

    Security programs are one of the very few softwares that often need special 64 bit versions.
  4. Trend Micro Internet Security works, as does Panda 2009. I usually stay away from Norton and McAfee (especially McAfee) and so I have no idea if they work... though I'm sure that they should.

    Bitdefender should also work... you might want to check for updates / patches as I've said in the other thread.
  5. I've used all the free ones and avast seems to work the best with the smallest resource usage too
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