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im looking for a good hex editor, preferably one that is open source. but at lease freeware. TIAFYH
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  1. Presumably you've googled "Hex Editor Windows", tried the many hex editors that you'll find there, and found none of them satisfactory?

    If have thought of doing this, could you give us a list of the ones that you've tried, and why they don't suit your purposes.

    If you haven't already done so then I suggest that should be your first course of action. (BTW, if that is the case then I hope it's just a question of editing files rather than direct editing disk sectors!).
  2. a little of disk sectors. but i've tried hex editor neo, hex editor, hex edit, hex editor xvi32, cygnus. ect ect ect
  3. bin in all retrospecs, i need something that can let me copy the hexdecimal values into a word document so i can do edits by hand while at school considering that i don't have a portable computer of any type.
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