Cooling a 8800GTS 320MB?

Ok im unsure if i should post here or in the case mod section.
Figured it has to do with a GFX card so...

Since summer is coming up i think i need to increase the airflow in my case or make sure all my components runs cooler then before.
The airflow was great until a certain GFX card ate all the space.
I had to move down a HD so that the card would fit in between them, haha.
I've ordered a couple of new silverstone 80mm case fans and are looking into a NB passive cooler(if airflow increases overall).
Btw its an MSI board with a stock passive NB cooler already, good enough or should i change?.

My GFX card fan is starting to making noises (run flawlessly since mar/apr) not sure if its just clogged or is about to fail.
But what can i do for the GFX card?
Im not that interested in water cooling and would like an as silent fan as possible.
I will probably only change the stock cooler if it fails or if the case fans doesn't help.
But to what?

Advice on a silent cpu cooler would be great too, tired of hearing all fans making more and more noise as they speed up as temps go up (all ar on max most of the time when i play games).
Got a Chieftec DX-01B-D Dragon Super MidiTower so not sure on if the big cpu coolers got room. =(
And yes i have oc'ed the cpu and my GFX card is a factory clocked one.
Thanks in advance any help is appreciated.
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  1. Top 5 heatsinks by temperature and by noise

    Passive heatsinks are normally okay unless you overclock. You can feel the temperature with your finger or an instrument.
    If the graphics fan is making noise, replace it as soon as possible with an aftermarket coller or RMA it.
  2. Thanks for the help.

    Been reading about them and trying to figure out which are easy for me to get around here.
    Surprised to find the stock cooler in the top position for quiet ones. =)
    Since mine is almost always on max, maybe go the cooler way over the less noisy one? =)
    Hopefully the case fans will get the overal case temp down and i dont need to get anything else.
    But seriously considering the Thermalright Ultra 120 now, just looking for a quiet fan atm.

    Still dont like the GFX or stock NB cooler temps, in this case less is good, hehe.
  3. This might help you out:

    Recommended Silent Fans
  4. Sweet ty again.
    Since i don't have a clue about fans i ordered these for my case already:

    And im thinking of getting this for the cpu cooler:

    I kinda decided on the 80mms already(on backorder atm) but do you think the 120mm is good enough?
    As i said im clueless about fans and all the LED fans/no name brands just feel cheap compared to this, if this is a good fan/fans i dont mind paying for it.
    Just hunting down the good brands are in it self something i would pay more for to avoid do.
  5. Ah well got tired of the site im using kept changing everythin i ordered from "in stock" to "back ordered until 07-05-xx" so i ordered a
    Hopefully it will get cooler in my case now, not sure about noise though, anyone got any experience with this?

    Thanks in advance

    Fixed the link, damn code...
  6. Great case, Antec 900. I have one too.
  7. Well i couldn't be happier i decreased CPU temp with 2 degrees idle, case with 5-7degrees and GFX with 7 degrees idle, and thats with the fans on lowest setting.
    Best of it all its as quiet or quieter then all my 80mm fans in the old case. =)
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