Considering going from 64 to 32 Vista

I've been running Vista Home Premium 64 for a while now but recently I've been considering uninstalling it and going back to Vista 32, it would seem by now that 64 support would be much greater than it is, but way to many times I've run into dead ends, with various applications that still today aren't really 64bit capable.

When an application requires 64bit drivers and they're not available, well with Vista 64 you're dead in the water!

Even die hard 64bit op/sys users know of these things and issues, I know I'm not the only one thats run into these situations too many to name, but definitely enough to consider uninstalling Vista 64 and going back to Vista 32.

Any Comments?
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  1. WoW64 (Windows-on-Windows 64-bit) is a subsystem of the Windows operating system that is capable of running 32-bit applications and is included on all 64-bit versions of Windows — including Windows 2000 Limited Edition, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, IA-64 and x64 versions of Windows Server 2003 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. WoW64 is supposed to take care of all the differences between 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows, particularly involving structural changes to Windows itself.

    I been considering installing Vista 64 on the two remaing Vista 32 machines I have. On the AMD 4800X2 I currently have 2 GB RAM and Vista 32, but have cleared up another matching 2GB DIMMs and can move up to 4 gigs now.
  2. I would never dream of it nor have I run into apps I want that won't run. What apps exactly?
  3. In order for drivers to get WHQL certification, they must submit 64 bit vista drivers, and both must pass in order to get WHQL certification...I'm surprised you're having any problems, I haven't had any.
  4. I haven't had any issues at all running 32-bit applications on my 64-bit desktop. In fact, the only 64-bit app I'm running is my anti-virus... everything else is 32-bit. (Except for the drivers, of course).
  5. Thanks for the replies guys!

    Opinions Noted
  6. ive been running 64bit for about a month now, and ive had plenty of problems with so called WOW64, which i dont think exists! with certain games ive had to download all patches. also try downloading directx 9 as this will run older games as apparently DX 10 is an entirely different package. what kind of applicants are you having trouble with?

    things like antivirus software, if you're downloading - theres normally links for 64bit capable versions.

    look around
  7. Quote:
    ive been running 64bit for about a month now, and ive had plenty of problems with so called WOW64, which i dont think exists!

    You should stay over in the appropriate forum. Making the move from Playskool to the cutting edge can be overwhelming when your pants are loaded up.
  8. @badge

    You should stay over in the appropriate forum. Making the move from Playskool to the cutting edge can be overwhelming when your pants are loaded up.

    Theres no sense in insulting woodsy badge, this is really just gathering opinions not starting some kinda war.

    For myself I'm [considering not presently doing it yet], but what is wrong with Vista32 that even the suggestive move from Vista64 back to Vista32 seems to inflame you so much, its not like I considered going back to WinXP32?

    By the way I am dual booting between Vista64 and WinXP32 simply because some older apps I run work on XP and its convenient to keep XP around and useful.

    But my main considerations were since I'm only running 4G of RAM, would I benefit by going back to Vista32, my GOD man I didn't intend to start some insulting arguements, just to get opinions of each systems capabilities.
  9. Vista 32 doesn't exist.
  10. badge said:
    Vista 32 doesn't exist.

  11. Quote:

    Do BIOS beeps come from the hard drive!
  12. Do Whales crap in the ocean!
  13. 4Ryan6 said:
    Do Whales crap in the ocean!

    You look different. have you changed your IP address?
  14. Nah just had my claws done!
  15. Wow. I don't believe it.
  16. 4Ryan. Can you tell I'm using a new IP address? I washed my hands and dug the dirt out from under my nails.

    I cleaned my goggles with this one.

    Look, I'm virtually invisible now! 8).

    No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously. 8)
  17. Amazing! You're right I can't see you!

    Merry Christmas badge, that is if you celebrate it, and Happy Holidays or whatever if you don't!
  18. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 4ryan6. Last minute gift idea for 'ya for that someone special. 8)
  19. For those chilly beach days!
  20. I won't be going to Newport or Laguna Beachs today. I had a flat last night so my Pilot is up on the jack. I managed to run over a giant piece of metal and have a two inch long sliver of 'angle iron' in the thread of my newly destroyed Michelin. I'm thinking the store won't have it in stock. First time I have destroyed a tire since I broke the A frame on my Pontiac driving down the railroad tracks! LOL. 8)
  21. badge said:
    First time I have destroyed a tire since I broke the A frame on my Pontiac driving down the railroad tracks! LOL. 8)

    Driving down the railroad tracks?

    Sounds like a story you should elaborate on.

    Sorry about the tire, that kind of incident destroys them.

    My absolute worst tire incident was blowing a rear tire on my motorcycle at 80mph, did you know in extreme situations your Butthole can bite a hunk out of your seat!

    Bad Butthole! :D

    The blowout at 80mph was actually true.

    To make things even worse, I had a passenger on the back!

    The rear end of the bike was all over the highway, jumping from left to right, Didn't drop it though, scared the crap out of me!

    Afterwards all my passenger said was how did you keep this bike from going down, my answer? FEAR

    That was officially the end of spoked wheels on a motorcycle for me, only mag wheels from that point!
  22. My top speed on my Sportster was 115 MPH! No blowout, but hard to hold on at that speed. Yeah, Got stuck in a ditch and managed to jump the bank on the other side and straddle the left front wheel of the Pontiac inside the railroad track at the top of the embankment. Rode it hard out of there! Well, I have a brand new Michelin All Terrain SUV tire for F-R-E-E! I bought 'road hazard' in March '08 when I bought the set. I couldn't remember if I had Road Hazard coverage. Anyway, brand new tire for a grand total of $19.81! My bottle jack as well as my scissors jack are from 20 years back, before SUVs were made. I knew I would have to when I started and true to form, I had to let the air out of the new tire to get it back under the car with the 16" wheel. May be 17". I used bricks, 2 x 4's. 4 x 2's and some granite I found out back for props to get the jacks higher. To no avail. I was still about 1/2" to short with what I had and had to let the air out to get the tire back on. Better than than taking two men to unleash the spare and put it back the way I found it! haha! 8)

    I owned a 1970 Honda Scrambler 100 when I was 15
    1967 Kawasaki 250 Samuri
    1974 I believe, Honda Scrambler
    and a 1974 Harley Davidson Sportster.

    I hit the pavement quite a bit. FEAR...haha! Your date with World's Wildest Crashes and Code Blue has been put on hold it appears 8) Good ole times.
  23. Yeah 115 mph will stretch you back when you're sitting in an upright position, fastest I've ever been on 2 wheels was 155+, had on, tennis shoes, jeans, T shirt, and a helment, that was my earlier psychotic days.

    I was test driving a bike that the owner was interested in selling me the new racing cam he'd bought and had installed, but had become scared of the thing after it was installed, it was a beast, so I took it out to see what it would do.

    Decided to back off when I looked down at the Bicep part of my upper arm and the wind pressure at 155+ was so strong against my arm I could actually see the bone in my arm.

    Even though I was having an extreme adrenalin rush and enjoying every second of it, caution and the thought of being picked up and put in baggies won out and I slowed down.

    Decided not to buy the cam for my bike, I'd pretty much figured if I did I'd probably kill myself on the thing, that was around 1976, those were the days man!

    Wasn't that 1967 Kawasaki 250 Samurai a 2 cycle street bike, with a powerband in the acceleration curve, if thats the bike I'm thinking about its acceleration was amazing'

    I've owned a [used] 1974 CB750 Honda and a [new] 1987 VF700 Honda Magna [nicknamed the Super Magna, only manufactured in 1987 and 1988], when I sold the Magna she had 77,000 miles on her, looked brand new, didn't leak, or burn a drop of oil. [Sweet Bike]

    I think I see a new jack in your future?
  24. I was a kid and wanted a bike and my dad traded a 30.06 Remington carbine for the 250 Kawasaki Samuri. Yeah, 2 cycle street bike. It was Copper color with low riding street pipes. I had it in Missouri in the dead of winter. The air was so cold, the opening between my glove and the end of my coat sleeve would burn red with the sub zero air. It was 10 degrees below man. If I saw me riding in that weather now I would proclaim, "what an idiot...look!" haha. I took my 100 Honda Scrambler out in the Clark national forest and rode the deer trails with my dad's motley crew of cons back in the early 70's. Met a descendent of th old Cowboy Dalton gang back in them thar hills. Rode a creek bed back to his cabin in the wilderness. My dad drove his '43 Willys. Cowboy Dalton was pullimng guns from everywhere! From under the cushions, behind the furniture, under the sofa, in the pantry behind the dish cabinets...from everywhere. The ceiling crossmembers. Then his wife brought out the pie while Cowboy sawed away down on his fiddle! You believe that. Dalton wouldn't let anybody in his home, much less let anyone even know where it was! He wore his pistol on his side at ALL TIMES! Even when He went shopping! LOL. My dad was part indian, a former marine and He and Cowboy Dalton got along just fine. My dad wore a pistol too! I always thought they would shoot one another! It was great...just great times. I was a teenager, 15 years old.

    Oh, I wanted to tell you about my Pontiac. Yeah, it was a '70 lemans Sport 350. Bought it from a cute little Italian gal in St. Louis for like $750. Anyway, I picked my girfriend up off the street. Literally, off the street. She would down all but one shot of a fifth of Jack each evening, sometimes before work. She could never finish the bottle alone. I knew by the level ijn that fifth when she would come at me with a kitchen knife! LOL. I got her a job as a topless dancer in a club I used to go to the friday night fights at! haha! Her big act was to come on stage and find a cowboy hat and wear it on her chest. It was fun until my place turned in to a crash pad for the entire male population of PTs (P***y & T*t*). Then we went camping. I caught her screwing some guy in a cave, in the mud. I was a little upset over the whole thing because the guy was ugly. He was in an accident and was flung clean through the windshield face first and landed on the pavement. Man the dude was one ugly son of a gun. I thought that when He pulled the gun and stuck it in my face! Oh well, I lost the girl and never looked back. I think I insulted him when I told him if he didn't have his five friends standing there with him, I'd stick the gun up his ***! She told me He was her cousin. What did I know. hahahaha!

    You know, I had a couple of friends from South St. Louis when we had our harleys. I was hit with baseball bats, blackjacks, you name it, I was hit by it back in those days. Then, I met a gal in college who set me straight man. She ran with the Hell's Angels until she set her house on fire and took off for Hawaii where her familiy was. She lived out here in the hills near santa Barbara Manson's family style She went with Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane and they bought a Rolls Royce in beverly Hills! My girlfriends were tough!!!!!!! hahahahaha!

    My uncle had a 750 Honda with like 500k miles on it. He rode it a hundred miles to work and hundred miles back every day for years. I seem to remember it 500K, maybe more. My uncle was a cool guy. He could take your entire '77 Coupe Deville apart and put it back together while you waited! LOL!

    The year I graduated from high school three of us knuckleheads had bikes. I had a 350 Honda, my two buddies had a 450 Honda and 350 Kawasaki. We were 18 years old. We rode the wind man 8). The buddy with the 450 just got out earlier this year after serving four of an eight year rap! I wonder what a reunion would be like! hahaha!
  25. Do you have any bikes today?

    I don't, I miss riding too man, I live in South Carolina and even in the winter theres only about a solid months worth of the time of winter that you don't want to be on a bike, Cold!! Wet Cold not a dry cold, otherwise you can ride through the winter here.

    We hardly ever get snow here, if we do it shuts down everything, its a treasured event and a excuse to take an unscheduled day off!

    Sounds like you had some wild women for sure, sometimes they're the best kind until they come at you with a knife or a cast iron frying pan, at least you don't have to teach them anything about sex, they know it all.

    badge I have to admit you've surprised me man, you're a pretty cool dude in my book!
  26. My former next door neighbor was from Denmark. He built a 'bike shop' in his garage. he had hydraulic lift, welder, all the power tools. he did all his own work and was a competition motocross racer. He raced across the desert for hundreds of miles from Barstow, CA to Las Vegas nevada. I believe he had a like 1200CC Ducati all tripped out. He had probably eight or nine bikes in his garage. He lived in S. Africa for a while. I think thats where he picked up on Desert racing. He won first place at times and had trophies as a top notch motocross racer around these parts. he moved several years ago, but I would hang out in his 'shop' a lot. The guy was a mechanical engineer. he helped me build my first computer back in the late '90's. It was a 100MHz. Pentium 1. haha. I was hooked.

    I don't have any bikes, I'm 53 and probably look 63. I'm premature gray with a 26 year old beard. trimmed of course. 8). yeah, I still dream about having a bike. I wouldn't even mind having a Honda, I've seen some really nice looking Hondas here in So. CA. I've lived here for 22 plus years now. I'm from St. Louis, Mo. man a lot of motorcyclist out here. I can drive maybe 10 miles out to Tustin lake area on any weekend and pass by hundreds of bikers. Every time I see a bilker with a black mustache it reminds me of a good friend who kamakaze crashed a triumph back in the old neighborhood. he landed on his face and had road burn from his forehead to his feet. LOL. Then one day he was driving across a bridge across the Missouri river and a biker hit him in the back end. Tom said,"man I felt so sorry for the guy, he laying there moaning and his leg was broken to hell!" Tom usually drank Budweiser for breakfast so any time he said anything, it was funny!

    I guess you know all the traffic police out here ride bikes. A lot of big Kawasakis with full farings and windshields. The bike laws are funny in CA. Bikers are apparently free to ride between cars, between lanes. Like at stop lights, the bikes pull between the cars in between the lanes and jump the traffic. I never did that. I don't think that maneuver was legal in Missouri.

    I was lucky with one of my old girlfriends back in college I mentioned. Well, she got me into college and apparently saw the potential in me. She really straightened me out in life. Ask my mother, bless her heart! 8) The lady I'm married to for the past 24 years is not bad either.
  27. Been working on upgrading my niece and nephews computer, from my leftover parts pile of past upgrades to my and my wifes machines, and badge its been murphys law man.

    Perfectly fine and operational 2G of memory worked fine in the same M/B, slap it in a different case power it up, Nothing!

    Had to swap the memory to a pair of higher performers, which wasn't in the plans at all, since this is a complete give away machine, doesn't make sense? It was working just fine with the same setup for 6 months previously, now a dead issue! Oh Well&$#!^&%*(&%

    Its up and running now, a little more advanced than I had intended, but it will serve them well, what the heck its a family thing anyway right!

    Sounds like you love the wild women, at least you don't have to teach them anything about sex, thats nice!

    Turned 56 Dec 13, glad to be still alive most all of my friends are dead and gone, some tragically too early!

    Been married to my present wife for 19yrs now, she's definitely the best part of me for sure!
  28. Quote:
    Sounds like you love the wild women, at least you don't have to teach them anything about sex, thats nice!

    Soundslike a quote from a best picture award winner! :lol:

    Turned 56 Dec 13, glad to be still alive most all of my friends are dead and gone, some tragically too early!

    Yes. I talked to a cousin on my mother's side on Christmas. She's 67. The news. An aunt dies four years ago, her brother died this year, another aunt dies many years ago, my cousin Bill died (I used to hunt with him and visit his farm often). She was under treatment for breast cancer earlier this year. breast cancer usually results in death within 3-4 years max. I didn't say anything. I'm going out in a blaze of glory.

    Been married to my present wife for 19yrs now, she's definitely the best part of me for sure!

    That's great. You have somebody...that's a lot.

    That's good you take care of your familys comuters. Where would they be without you there to fix it? The same RAM worked before in the same MB until you swapped cases? :ouch: Maybe it's the old RAM that went south.

    I've been thinking abut building another computer, budget system. I have RAM, HDs, optical drives, video card (don't need one with the 780G or 8200). Si I could build this for under $200 and tht's if I buy a sharp looking micro case. I have an Antec 300.


    this ASUS M3A78-EM AM2+/AM2 AMD 780G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

    or this

    ASUS M3N78-VM AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 8200 HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

    or this

    Or a cheaper AMD dual core process and wait a few weeks for the Phenom II. Which should sit right in this MB if I like it.
  29. If the Phenom II is a good performer, we'll see prices drop on both sides of the fence, since we're this close, to something serious from AMD, [Hopefully!], you probably should wait a few weeks and see what happens.

    I've been in hopes for the longest time AMD would release something on the lines of the FX57 skt939 days and shock Intel to its knees, and if history repeats its self, its possible.

    I am definitely AMD loyal, I've always had excellent results from their products.

    Maybe I'm just a dreamer, but I believe the Phoenix will rise again.
  30. I still use my FX55 a lot. Also a 4800X2, 4000 San Diego, 3200 Venice, 3400 Clawhammer, 3400 Newcastle and 3700 socket 754. Man, those a re getting old, I've been tweaking them out recently to get a little more time and use. I don't have a single AM2 machine. I think I'll go with an AM2 micro build soon. Maybe I can replace some of this old stuff, even though all of runs perfect. Yeah, Phenom II quad core 'may' be in my future. Or a price drop on a current AM2 quad. I priced the Intel 5200 at $80 and it's not listed as a C2D? It's a pentium DC? Microcenter has the E7400 (a C2D) with 3 GB L2 cache (we do photoshop a lot) for $104. That's a nice price, but the Intel MB are still kind of high. Anyway, I see an AM2 Micro system in the future. I think an AM2 quad will do anything I use for plus some. And it's cheap. 8)
  31. Just burned three copies of this movie. I'll send it to my friends when they call. Seen it? It's a bitchin' flick. Marisa Tormei has a pair of torpedos. :ouch: I woke up last night and my wife was crying. She was watching the Bucket list? I'm going to watch Letters from iwo Jima. Or maybe I'll put Marisa Tormei back on and start crying is better. When she asks why I'll say, "you just wouldn't understand, boo hoo. :o
  32. You definitely have some AMD roots!
  33. Interesting movie, have you seen, The Dark Knight, the last Batman release?

    Very good movie.

    Letters from Iwo Jima was a little on the, well I'll just say its a watch one timer. IMO
  34. Quote:
    Or maybe I'll put Marisa Tormei back on and start crying is better. When she asks whey I'll say, "you just wouldn't understand, boo hoo.

    LOL, That never works for me I'll bust out laughing everytime!
  35. Maybe I'll skip 'Letters. There is some pretty funny stuff on the internet if you look long enough. And have a lot of time to waste (where's my wife). Look at this! hahahahahaha!
  36. My daughter loves the movies. So did my mother. I bet my daughter has seen The Dark Knight. I'll ask her. I have not seen it.

    Check this. When I first came to CA I answered an ad in the newspaper for 'extras'. You know movie extras. I went to the interview and the guy kept asking me if I was a cop! I've had that happen A LOT in my life. It was a porn movie outfit!!!!! LOL!

    It was in Beverly Hills. Hell, the try out for Jeopardy wasn't in that classy a part of town. 8) I had to settle for shaking hands with Donald Trump one day. Now that I think about it, I'm kind of dissappointed about the whole thing.
  37. That dude is hilarious in the youtube clip!

    How about Ironman? See that? Also a really good 2008 movie release!

    The wife and I went to the theatre, [A rare event these days], to see The Day the Earth Stood Still, it was OK but to me a little disappointing, because it wasn't a remake of the original, they changed the story line completely from the original.

    So to me, since I've been waiting for them to remake this movie with modern effects, since they've remade every other old good movie, it was disappointing.
  38. Quote:
    Just burned three copies of this movie.

    In Vista how?

    I'm asking because either somethings wrong with my brand new DVD burner, or Vista disables direct disk to disk copying???

    Does Vista have some kind of built in stop in place to disable direct disk to disk copying?

    Or do I have a problem hardware wise?
  39. Most likely software wise. To copy DVDs, I use a combo of AnyDVD and Clone DVD... and I know it works on Vista.
  40. Well, I copy DVDs in Vista 64, Vista 32 and XP using DVD shrink. I believe you have to have Nero software installed in conjunction with DVD shrink, but I'm not certain. No problems here. I made three perfectly good working copies using Vista 64/DVD Shrink/Nero last evening.
  41. have not downloaded the file in a while, but I tried this link and apparently all is well with the DVD Shrink download here. It's a small program. Give it a try 4Ryan.
  42. I'll check that out badge. Thanks

    This is just plain weird! Check this?

    I already had AnyDVD and Nero, but only Nero was installed, installed AnyDVD to attempt a DVD rip to HDD using AnyDVD, my Power DVD Player kicked in and tried to play the DVD at the same time AnyDVD was accessing it, Vista poped up a message saying DEP had shut down Power DVD Player.

    At the time I wasn't too concerned because I wanted to allow AnyDVD to go ahead and RIP the DVD to the HDD, it did, and I used Nero to burn the RIP to disk, shutdown AnyDVD and Nero, put the DVD in to test play it and the DEP shutdown pops in again.

    Vistas DEP kept shutting down the PowerDVD Player before it could do anything, this has been a very frustrating PITA, trying to resolve this little speed bump.

    Had to uninstall AnyDVD period, and uninstall/reinstall PowerDVD Player to get PowerDVD Player to run without the DEP shutdown.

    The DVD I burnt did playback just fine on my component DVD TV player, I guess thats a plus factor, I don't really understand why all the other crap happened though?

    Do You?
  43. Well, I had a similar problem with my Vista 64 machines when I installed Nero Express 8 OEM. Error messages, crashes, just plain would not cooperate. I even patched it or tried to patch it and I still got 'failure'. I attributd the problem to software incompatibility, whatever that may be. I uninstalled Nero OEM 8 and put back nero 7 OEM with all the patches and it works fine on Vista 64, 32 and XP. I have not tried to download movies from the NET and burn copies. I use this Free DVD burner on all my systems including Vista 64. It works fine and is a simple application. You might give it a try. Just download and install the Free version.
  44. Thanks!
  45. Quote:
    How about Ironman? See that?

    Nah, haven't seen it. Haven't been to the movies in a while. Used to take my kids a lot. The wife and I are thinking about going over the New Year holiday. If the Sound of Music is remade, I'll let her drag me there then let you know how it was LOL. Anyway, I went ahead and bought this processor. I'll get the ASUS 780G or 8200 MB later and build it. Maybe the Phenom II quads will 'be somethin'. I figured I'd get a cheap AM2 processor for now and take a look at the new quads when they get here and word gets out about their stamina. Performance is important too. I gotta' start reading the labels on these kinds of things.

    I plan on using the stock HSF on this. I wouldn't want to subject it to potential non operational temps creeping below 0 or anything with a real fan. :o
  46. That is Nero 8 on my machine but I can't blame it for what happened the problem began before nero was even opened, I think I've resolved the issue just don't ask me how, in all I've done to resolve it I don't know what actually did resolve, but presently all is well, I'll take that if you know what I mean.

    Good price on that CPU!

    That'll do till AMD releases something hopefully serious in the Phenom II lineup, and causes other prices to drop, again hopefully!
  47. Quote:
    I think I've resolved the issue just don't ask me how, in all I've done to resolve it I don't know what actually did resolve

    LOL. You got that line from M$ tech support, I know you did.

    I canceled the order on the AMD X2 2300 1.9 and bought this instead for $12 more.

    X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz

    I also bought this MB today.

    ASUS M3A78-EM AM2+/AM2 AMD 780G HDMI Micro ATX

    Then I just hooked this up. My wife isn't speaking to me over the installation.

    Acer H213H bmid Black 21.5" 5ms HDMI Widescreen 16:9 Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 ACM 20000:1

    I'm in the doghouse. I'm an advanced sweet talker, so it'll only take a couple of days for this to be forgotten.
  48. An additional 700mhz for 12 bucks more, thats a no brainer, good choice!

    Nice monitor for the money man! 1080P HD with 5ms response, HDMI input, and DVI input, sweeet!

    My wife always gets my leftovers from upgrades I make, until the last build for her when she complained about only getting leftovers, so I built her a new machine from the ground up, amazingly no backlash from her build!!!

    I wonder why??? [Smile]

    Happy New Year badge! Ryan
  49. Happy New Year Ryan. I'm burning a copy of Platoon with DVD Shrink on my Vista 64 machine right now. Hope that program works for you with you're V64 machine.
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