windows xp pro stops loading sp2 half way into process

hi all
Running windows xp pro 32 bit,AMD 6400+ Duel core,Two Sapphire 2900 Pro's 512 mb Crossfired,Asus M2R32-MVP,4GB Ram ,950 watt- 4 rail PS.
Did a windows repair,had a slow boot problem,repair fixed the problem but now I can't install service pack 2.
Installation gets to about 50% and stops installing.
Note--- had sp2 and sp3 installed before repair but lost the service packs after repair,my window xp pro disk has service pack 1 only.
Have been trying to find a solution to the problem to no avail, and was wondering if by chance some body had run into the same problem and found a solution. I have not had to much luck.
I don't want to do a clean install if I can get around it.I have about 240 gb's of stuff in my C and D hard drives.
About 7 years of stuff it's mostly junk but you know how we pack rats hate to get rid of anything might come in handy sooner or later. ha !! ha!! ha !!
Can't give any more info on the problem at this point.I'm at work and the problem child is at the house.My home computer is the one that messed up. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.---Raner
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  1. hey guys and gals
    well got home and messed around a bit with my pc.
    Decided to try something different.
    Booted up on safe mode and installed service pack3,bypassed service pack2.
    I had all the updates installed for service pack1,from auto downloads from Microsoft,I think there were 58 of them.and the one that would not load,service pack2
    So I gave it shot for the hell of it,and wouldn't you know it,it worked like a champ.everything is still in tacked not missing anything after the repair and boot problem is solved,all my files and programs and games are working perfect.maybe this info will help someone down the line.catch you all later!! Raner
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