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So I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 and would like to install it on 30gbs of my hard drive. I have dual booted my laptop a ton of times with Ubuntu and windows 7, but this time something is wrong. I'm thinking the issue is that its still in alpha stage, but what do I know. So first I tried installing it inside windows through wubi, this method has like never work for me. I always get some error about system files. Then I tried booting from a live usb; on boot up it just showed the grub version and never loaded Ubuntu?? So I decided to install from a dvd. I was able to boot into the dvd and run ubuntu, but when it came to installing it Ubuntu wouldn't recognize windows 7?? It showed my hard drive as empty. 320Gb of free space which isnt true cuz I have windows 7 on it?? I opened disk utility from the live disk and make a partition of 30gbs, still no help??? So I decided to partition my hard drive from the installer, worst choice ever. The instillation failed and I had to re install windows 7, because it wasn't fixable :) So I still don't give up hope and I was hoping if you would know what to do???? '

Thanks for reading this long message! :)
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  1. I would put it in Virtualbox.
  2. My processor doesn't support vt-x. So I have to run the 32-bit version and the Unity wont work. :( I am a mess
  3. You don't need vt-x... just lose a few features and runs a little slower...
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