2 DIR-655's, one as the router, one as an AP - help!

OK, I have been messing with this for the past few hours and I am pulling out what little hair I have left! I need the #2 655 to get the signal from the #1 655 to feed my wired network at the house

Here is a map:

Wireless ISP 300' line of site wired house network- no wireless clients
and ----------------------------------------------> #2 DIR-655
#1 DIR 655 used as an access point to #1 655

OK, on the #2 655 I turned off the DHCP server, enabled WPA2 set it with the pass phrase as on the #1 655

The DHCP on #1 is set to .100 to .250.

What should the settings be for my ISP, default gateway, etc be?
should the SSID of both 655's be the same? (they currently are)

I can connect to the #1 655 with my wireless laptop, but when I turn on the #2 655 I lose connection to the net and the #1 655 turns into an unidentified network with no Internet connection. I don't need the #2 655 as a access point for wireless clients as my home is wired and prefer to keep it that way. only reason I am using my laptop was to set up the # 1 router while I get #2 working via the wired network and my desktop PC.

I must be missing something here in the settings, and I am still looking around on the net and there is a fair amount of info about making a router an access point but nothing I can find so far specific to the dir-655. This should not be this hard!

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Well Just plug the second DIR-655 directly into your lan (don't use wan port) then disable DHCP. Should work fine. The routers cannot connect to eachother wireless this requires WDS which to my knowledge I have not seen on anything draft N yet.
  2. ugh - Say it isn't so! The distance (and geography) is to great to plug in the 2 together, I was looking to do it wirelessly. Blah. :pfff: :cry:
  3. Well look around for a way to do it but the only way I know how to do that is wds. Good routers for that are anything you can flash with dd-wrt alternative firmware or couple cheap airport expresses on ebay.
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