It's built! Now what?

Parts came yesterday, got my new PC built (first one!) through the wee hours of night. It posts, bios looks good, currently installing XP 64bit. Now what? Should I get all the update, bios, etc first, do windows updates, or what should be the next steps? Also what are some good programs to make sure things are running good and stable? Not overclocking yet and need to do a bit of wire management, but I'm just thrilled that the thing actually turns on and posts! Also, does anyone know if there's a way to connect the front sound outlets on the Antec to the Commando MB? It works! My first build and it's actually running!

Antec 900
ASUS Commando
C2D 6600
PCP&C 750 silencer
OCZ platinum ddr2 800 1G x 2
EVGA 8800gts
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  1. Nothing in the MB manual to help with audio connections. It may just not have front panel connectors for audio.
  2. 1) Install Windows
    2) From another computer, go to ASUS' website and download the latest driver set for your motherboard (from another computer) and burn them to a CD.
    3) From another computer, go to NVIDIA's website and download the latest 8800GTS drivers and burn them to a CD
    4) Install the drivers you have downloaded from the ASUS website on your new computer
    5) Install the drivers you have downloaded from the NVIDIA website to your new computer
    6) Update Windows
    7) Use O&O Defrag to do a complete defragmentation of your HDD(s)
    8) Reboot
    9) Have fun
  3. what's O & O that I'm supposed to use to defrag? Also are there drivers for the seagate barracuda's that I need?
  4. OO Defrag is a program that you can download to defragment Windows. It is, IMO, the best. And no, HDDs require no drivers.
  5. Also, I heard that I should run memtest. Is this a good idea?
  6. Not neccesary unless you OC your memory.
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