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Hello everyone, just built a new system and decided to give Vista a try since i ignored it back when it first released. I bought the OEM of Vista 64 Home Premium and when i boot from the cd first of all everything is VERY VERY slow, i mean it takes 5 minutes per screen, like 5 minutes after entering my cd key before moving that normal? After i enter then key it waits for a while then tells me F:Source/ something is unavailable and stops the install. Is my CD defective? Have never had a problem installing xp.
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  1. Wow.....that's weird.......what are your specs? you may have a bad cd or too much memory installed during the windows installation
  2. ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
    4G P.I black RAM
    Sapphire 4870 1g GPU
    8400 wolfdale 3.0 DC CPU
    750w Corsair PSU
    250 g sata HDD

    I looked afterwards at the cd folder in xp, it said the file that was missing was there. I wrote it down its
    Sources\install.wim. Error 0x8007045D File cannot be found. It doesnt even get to where i get to install it, right after i enter the CD key it waits about 10 minutes then gives me that error. If the CD is bad is there an alternate way to download it or install it? Im running XPSP2 32 so im perfectly happy on it right now but was going to give vista a try and if i like it upgrade the RAM to 8G.
  3. Is the cd scratched in any may want to buff it a little......clean it real good then try it can contact microsoft and get some help with maybe a new cd if that one is no good also
  4. Check your Bios Settings. I downloaded Vista 64 and kept running into the the same issue, and this was after I installed it once and had issues with the video driver. Anyways, I believe it is the sata accelerator, that needs to be turned off.
  5. Now, does anyone have any answers to not being able to install my video card on with Vista 64?
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