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I don't want...the recycle bin on my desktop

So I got rid of it. How do I empty it without putting it on the desktop and emptying it every time?
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    Don't send anything to the Recycle Bin. Just use Shift Delete to permanently delete files/folders.

  2. tanks
  3. Hi,

    Shift-Delete work fine but not great for your case. If you can reappear the Recycle Bin on your desktop, Right-click on it and choose "Properties". Then, just choose "Do not move files to ...".

    Is it a better solution? :D
  4. You can also get a variety of Sidebar gadgets to replace the desktop recycle bin.
  5. It also shows up under 'my computer' when viewed from explorer. You can empty it there. The desktop icon is just a shortcut to the real recycle bin anyway.
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