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SP1 will not install

I have vista ultimate 64bit. everything i try does not work, i've got a i7 920, p6t mobo, and 8GB of ram. i install the SP and it gets to step 3 and completes, then goes to install SP. after 3-5 min of SP install it goes to unsuccessful

I've read that my anti virus was causing it, tried uninstalling that, but still nothing, any ideas?
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    Check the HDD for errors.

    Open My Computer, Right click the HDD the OP/SYS is on if you have more than one, select properties, select the tool tab, click on error checking, it will schedule an error check on next reboot, and correct the errors if it finds any.

    If it finds errors to correct it will report them, and thats probably whats holding back the SP1 installation.
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