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Which Motherboard/chipset for e4300

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May 22, 2007 3:05:05 PM

My Asus p4 P4C800-e deluxe is being retired (cpu died).
I need a replacment.

All of my current hardware (except the CPU) is still good, but now dated. My plan at this point is to build an entire new system, and unless I am convinced otherwise, will use the e4300. I am not new to building systems. I need a lot of power for graphic and business apps/multitasking. Don't do much gaming.

I need RAID (mirroring), 1394, gigabit ethernet. I want the most bang for the buck and would like to overclock the CPU.

I use two 22" monitors with an AGP Geforce 6800Xtreme. I need graphic support for both monitors. I plan on selling the current card, so recommendations on a new pci-e two port digital output card are welcome too.
I only have 1GB DDR memory, so if I have to buy new memory, that's ok.

All of my 8 hard drives are ATA (will be happy to move on to SATA)

I have been very happy with the current Asus motherboard, but I am open to suggestions for boards from other manufactures.

I have been reading all night, but I use my computer for work and need to get it replaced ASAP.

From what I have read so far the e4300 and the P965 chipset may be the way to go.

I really need your help. I want a fast, reliable, very stable machine.

What do you guys recommend?


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May 23, 2007 4:35:09 AM

I have continued the research, and have narrowed it down to about 5 Asus P5B boards. Kinda hard to compare them from the specs on the Asus website, so I am putting a spreadsheet together with only the information that is relavent to me. Then I will try to find some reviews on the specific motherboards. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!!
May 23, 2007 4:39:48 AM

Not a problem, post back if you need more help, there are plenty of knowlegable people around here. Good luck!