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I just got a new keyboard (Digital Media Keyboard 3000) and the software that came with it that is supposed to be installed first (Intellitype Pro 6.2) crashed during setup. I tried it again and it crashed. I downloaded 6.3 and it crashed also. I was able to install 6.1 Pro from a CD belonging to someone with another Microsoft keyboard and it seems to work since I can type but I would like to know why newer versions of the software (including the one that came with the keyboard) crash during setup. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just my computer (when my earlier PS2 keyboard went faulty I was not sure if it was because it was old and dusty or if there was a virus so I thoroughly cleaned my computer with AVG, Spybot, and Adware and cleaned up the registry with CCleaner and they old keyboard still was not working so I got the new keyboard). I just plugged this keyboard in with 6.1 so I have not explored all the options and I do not know if there is any functionality missing by using the older software.

Microsoft's knowledge base was of course completely unhelpful.
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  1. Same EXACT symptoms here! I thought it was MY computer, but now I know different! Good job, Microsoft. Maybe they should outsource program writing. BTW, this may be limited to my computer because the CD drive is a little flaky, but the disc never auto-ran.....I had to explore it and double-click on setup file.
  2. I've been using the Intellitype Keyboard 3000 for over 6 months with no problems. I run Windows XP. Last week, I thought I would give Google Chrome browser a try. Yes, Chrome was faster but I couldn't pay certain bills online and it disrupted an email acct screen layout on outlook. My 3000's favorite keys worked fine. I unistalled Chrome and it left me with a Internet Explorer 7 with no add-ons. I clicked a default IE7 on the desktop and discovered although the Intellitype control box showed my favorite key selections, fav keys 1-5 would only bring up a box that says "Selrction is not availabe" I've tried to reload the software after uninstalling it and my disk drive wouldn't autorun! It kept spitting the disk back out. Finally, the disk started to spin and the setup.exe came up. I reloaded it and still, my favorite keys only bring up a dialog box. The only thing I did was let Windows download over 82 updates that were missing. I have a pretty good idea that one of these so-called updates is the cause of my problems. Google Chrome was not worth these headaches!
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