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I want games tat can be run on linux os . tell some games like mostwanted but for linux os and also the game should be able to run on lan for multiplayer ..
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  1. Not sure what you mean by "mostwanted." But here is a list of games that run on Linux, and also have LAN multiplayer capability:

    Alien Arena (FPS):
    Enemy Territory (FPS):
    Nexuiz (FPS):
    OpenArena (FPS):
    Sauerbraten (FPS):
    Smokin' Guns (FPS):
    Teeworlds (Shooter):
    Tremulous (FPS):
    True Combat Elite (FPS):
    Urban Terror (FPS):
    Battle for Wesnoth (Strategy):
    Freeciv (Strategy):
    Freecol (Strategy):
    Scorched3D (Strategy):
    SpringRTS (Strategy):
    UFO Alien Invasion (Strategy):
    WarMUX (Strategy):
    Warzone 2100 (Strategy):
    ArmageTron Advanced (Racing):
    Crossfire (RPG):
    Savage (Strategy/Shooter):

    Phew! That took a while. Hope you have fun!

    Source (give credit where it's due): Free LAN Party Games
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