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Hi all new here,
have a problem with my laptop running windows vista so i ran the cd to put it back to factory setting, i did have a 120gb hard drive now its only saying 104gb
i have vista (c) 82.2gb free of 104gb and system (s) 1.21gb free of 1.46
how have i lost so much gb.
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  1. Windows calculates space differently that most hard drive manufacturers.

    In Windows:

    1GB = 1024^3 bytes

    Hard drive manufacturers:

    1GB = 1000^3 bytes

    So a 120GB hard drive will only have 110GB of usable space in Windows. There must be a hidden partition on your hard drive for the manufacturers diagnostics or something similar.
  2. also remember that once a drive is formatted the File Allocation Table will take a space relative to the size of the HDD.
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