Adjusting GPU fan speeds?

I have two 8800gtxs from two different production runs. One has a green colored board and the other is black. Another thing which I noticed is that one card by default spins @1600rpm (60%) and the other @1400rpm (60%). Their different fan speeds leads to a difference of approx 8*C idle temp difference. I would like to match their rpm fan speeds when SLIed, is this possible?

nTune doesnt allow me to change gpu fan speeds (nvidia conspiracy?). Can someone explain in detail how to change fan speeds using ATI-Tool, or Riva Tuner or any other more intuitive software? Thanks!
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  1. here you go !
  2. Ok well I just tried RivaTuner out and it only affects the speed of my main master card, my second slave card's fan speed never changes. Any other program out there for SLI fan speeds?
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