computer will not boot 0x0000007b Error

I have Dell Demension 5100. I'm trying to restore it but i cant get it boot from the cd-rom drive. All i get is the BSD with this error 0x0000007b Error i really dont have the money right now to get a new HD. if i could just get it work till after xmas that would great thanks
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  1. I don't really know how to fix your problem, but maybe this will give you some ideas.

    Maybe you can narrow down the problem some more.
  2. Ok I took out the Hard drive and put in other computer and re installed widows. i know the hard drive works. now i get errors 0x0000007, 0xF7C8E524, 0xC0000034, and 0x00000000 time 2. when i starts at the window advance menu. when i try and choose any of the options i get the BSD with those errors. So not sure where to go. If i could get it boot from the disk then maybe a see whats up. any advice would be great thanks
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