Another stupid mixing RAM question

Sorry guys, I know this has been done to death.

Originally set up my system with 2x 512mb 667mhz corsair XMS2 sticks in dual channel mode.
Went to buy another 2 sticks to upgrade to 2gig but (like an idiot) bought the 1gig 667mhz XMS2 stick instead of the 2x 512 kit.


So I've ordered another 1gig XMS2 stick.

Basically, I will have 2x 1gig and 2x 512meg sticks all the same speed, latencies etc. Soooooo....... what do we think? 2 gig system or 3 gig system? Will the 3 gig system still run in dual channel if all the sizes don't match, or is it OK as long as I keep the channels matched (i.e. 1.5 gig per channel) etc etc etc.

And finally, there will be a week between each stick arriving. So wait and install both at the same time or be impatient and stick one in now and one in next week?

Cheers people!
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  1. Go ahead and install the first DIMM when it arrives. If the system doesn't like that, pull it out and wait until the 2nd one arrives. 2x512MB + 2x1GB should be fine (just make the channels mirror images of each other as you wrote).
  2. You are a very good man Mondoman.
    That was exactly the answer I wanted!
  3. Let me know how this works out when you get the new stick please. 8)
  4. Quote:
    Let me know how this works out when you get the new stick please. 8)

    The first stick is in place now and is working well. Motherboard didn't even blink at having an unbalanced set up.

    Second stick is due about friday. Will let you know.
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