msconfig disaster help!

i disabled some major programs with msconfig now im screwed all i can do is go on the internet i need help!
how do i enabled these stopped programs
i cannot do a system restore because all the points before i started messing around with msconfig got deleted
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  1. Run msconfig again and set Windows for Normal Startup.

  2. i already did that and alas im still in this dilemma
  3. erm, start > run type services.msc press enter.

    go through this list: and make sure your services match....

    if its just your start bar thats gone you can ctrl-alt-del and file>run and type explorer.exe

    als re-run msconfig and put everything back to default, and go through the services to ensure the right ones are enabled.
  4. Sounds like you're not very familiar with msconfig. You should be able to undo anything you did by rechecking the boxes next to the programs you disabled.

    Here's an article that seems thorough:
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