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Keyboard not detected by Grub!! NEED HELP ASAP!!!

Hello everyone,

I am having a huge problem with my dual boot system! I have Ubuntu and Windows 7 and they were both playing nicely together for a while. Then, all of a sudden my keyboard (Microsoft Sidewinder X4) could not be detected by grub so i could not select the OS that I wanted to boot into.

This wasn't a huge deal at first, as there was a timer and it defaulted into linux. I wanted win 7 so i restarted and tried again, same result. Reset once more and once at the OS selection screen, there was NO TIMER and no control with keyboard (or mouse), so now it won't even default into ubuntu like before!

I have tried numerous restarts throughout the day and continued to get the the same results

The keyboard can function in the BIOS just fine (mobo = ASUS P8Z68-V LX) and was working previously in grub before today.

I triple checked that I had legacy USB enabled in the BIOS.

I thought it might be a driver thing, so i went out and bought a cheap PS2 keyboard and unplugged everything except the keyboard and still got no result.

I tried resetting the RTC RAM in the CMOS and that didn't work. I didn't remove the CMOS battery though because i really don't want to unless i have to. Reason being that I am not very experienced with this stuff and I don't want to mess it up.

I really need my PC up and running because it has homework from my programming class on there that i need finished by Thursday!!

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Plug in a PS/2 keyboard.
  2. I tried that and had no luck. (all the things I tried are in the post)
  3. Sorry, must have missed it.

    But if it worked before and stopped working...

    Did you change anything?
  4. I was installing a fan into the front of my NZXT phantom.

    The only wierd thing i did was unplug the fan while the comp was still running (because I wasn't thinking) But that shouldn't have any effect because all the fans are running through the onboard fan controller and not attached to the mobo at all....

    Thats why this has stumped me so bad... it was working perfectly, then, nothin....
  5. That will not have any effect.

    Did you update anything?
  6. No, I had a problem earlier where my bios someone changed my O.C. settings to manual which caused my comp to boot twice before booting properly. I fixed this by resetting the O.C. to auto and everything worked fine for a couple days after that, then this started.

    Other then that, I haven't done anything else to it recently.

    I might just bring it in to Microcenter tomorrow and have them look at it...
  7. It is highly unlikely that the CMOS battery has anything to do with what you are seeing.

    When you plugged in the PS/2 keyboard, I just want to make sure we're covering all the bases here, but you did make sure to have the computer powered-off before plugging in the keyboard (and ensuring that it remained plugged in while booting), the PS/2 functionality in most superIO chipsets will be disabled if no device is detected on powerup.

    Another thing you could check is to see whether or not some of the other Linux liveCDs that use GRUB as their boot option selection screen likewise are incapable of seeing the keyboard (or just making a stand-alone grub boot cd

    Let us know what you see...
  8. I notice that you say that you are overclocking and have had problems with this in the past. Perhaps you are pushing it too far. Try setting it back to the standard settings.
  9. I'd second the suggestion of going to default settings. I'd also suggest that maybe removing the BIOS battery and leaving it for a minute before replacing it so that any odd settings you might not have spotted are cleared back to BIOS defaults.
  10. Hey everyone,

    I have had several computer experts look at it and the general consensus is the mobo going bad for some reason. As they were looking at it the boots were getting worse to the point were they sometimes couldn't even get to BIOS.

    Another weird occurence that they saw was that it had much better booting results if the 2 side 120 mm fans ( on my NZXT Phantom ) were disconnected. Some how the fans might have been drawing too much power or something, but they said could also be explained by a bad mobo.

    Very interesting... I'm going to get the mobo replaced, possibly upgrade to a higher end mobo since i realize now that the ASUS P8Z68-V LX is not of very high quality.

    Thanks for all the help, I'll let you know if the new mobo does the trick!
  11. If those fans are putting you over the power threshold you obviously need a better PSU.
  12. I have a 750W so i don't think that that is the issue... but im going to look into it.
  13. It could be explained by a bad motherboard, but the quality (read brand) of your power supply will affect how well your computer runs.,2862.html
  14. Its a corsair PSU, so its definitely of good quality
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    That's good. Perhaps test the system with another PSU of comparable quality.

    There is the small chance that the PSU has somehow broken, but I am leaning towards the motherboard hardware fault.
  16. Alright, I'll give that a try as well, thanks for the suggestion
  17. Hey everyone, sorry for taking so long to get back. It ended up being the motherboard. I replaced it and its running perfectly now!

    Thanks for all the help!
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