dual boot xp with xp

i have xp and vista dual boot etc etc my xp is getting to that time of reinstalling it ...but i do not want to reinstall well i would like to install the new xp on the vista partition(delete/overwrite vista) so that way i can set up the new xp like the one already installed this way i can go back and forth to check what i am missing to install etc etc

is that possible ? dual boot xp with xp ? pro sp2...is it the same as doing it with vista? i googled but all i get is xp/vista etc etc
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  1. Without a new copy of XP you will only have 30 days to do what you want.
    Otherwise you will have to activate it.
  2. thnxs 4 reading and replying .....don't wana sound mean ...but my question is still not answered can it b done yes /no if yes how? the rest i will take care off
  3. You shouldn't have any problems booting 2 versions of XP. I've not done it with two 32-bit versions, but 32/64-bit is a common configuration. You'll find lots of posts on these forums about that. I have often set up two Windows 2000 installations, sometimes even on the same partition. XP should be the same.
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