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Best Media Player Which Mainly Utilizes GPU!!!

Guys i want to know which is the best media player(for watching videos or movies)which mainly uses the GPU rather than the CPU???I tried the latest versions of Power DVD,Arcsoft Total Video,NDVD etc but i saw they uses most the cpu(10-50%) not the GPU(0-5%)...My GPU has ATI Stream Technology!

My PC Config:
P4 3Ghz HT
1.5GB Ram
Ati radeon HD 4650 1GB

:pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
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  1. no IDEA????
    how do u cum 2 kno abt the GPU usage
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  3. get JETAUDIO free version with any codec pack(i'm using klite megacodec ) , if want only to play movies & music.
  4. VLC is the best known!
  5. I've had the best luck with VLC
  6. VLC!!! Its awesom!

    You might have a problem with that CPU and that video card... just letting ya know... I have the P4 3.2 GHz and i still am bottlenecked with the 9600GT. That could be the reason... Im not sure though... ;)

    Though i do know that if you are bottlenecked you will NEVER hit 100% utilization of the card.
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