New Build Low/Medium mainstream w Upgrade Capabilities

It has been quit a while since I built or even bought a PC.

I started out focusing on upgrading a AMD socket A/462 MB, but have decided to build from scratch.

At first I was going to go with a Socket 754, but decided that I should go with at least a Socket 939 or AM2. Which to choose.?? I figure AM2, but there are lots of less exspensive 939s.

My requirements this:

1 - PCIe x16 slot -- don't need SLI or crossfire
1 - PCIe x1 slot
2 - or more - PCI slots
2 - IDE connectors for 4 devices, I can settle with 1 and use SATA
4 - SATA - would like RAID capability, but probably woulsn't use it
any time soon. At least Raid 0. 1, 0+1
1 - Floppy
1 - LAN/Ethernet capable of 1GB for future needs

I would like an integrated Graphics controller with a VGA connector
on the back for initial cost savings, but not absolutely necessary.
There are inexspensive PCIe x16 graphics cards out there.

I have been looking around quit a bit on the internet for Socket AM2 MBs, and have got a lot of choices.

I would like some suggestions. Should I go with Socket 939 or AM2.? Low cost solutions that offer good upgrade capabilities and possible Over Clocking.

Thanks very Much for any help this Forum can Provide.

kenr77 -- Excuse me if I am way off the Mark in terms or Tech
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  1. for one time cost, 939 is fine, but to have an upgrade path, go with AM2. List some of your choices along with a budget and your uses, and we can help more.
  2. Mother Boards that seem Good..


    GA-M55plus-S3G --- Extra Nice, more PCI slots than needed.
    this board has 3 Rev.... Rv1=Nvidia GrForce 6100
    Rv2=Nvidia Quadro NVS 210S/nForce 430
    Rv3=Nvidia GrForce 6150/nForce 430

    Sellers don't put Rev #s on their Sites....Bummer..!!!

    GA-M61PM-S2 --- Very Nice but only 1 IDE






    TFORCE 550
    TFORCE 7025-M2
    TFORCE 7050-M2




    EP-AF570+ULTRA --- No VGA and only one IDE




    I am looking to spend around 1k, for Case, PS, extra FAN, MB, AMD Athlon 64 or Sempron, 1G DDR2 SRAM, 1 HDD~100Gb or more, 1 DVD RW, 3.5" Floppy, inexspensive PCIe Video card if needed, 19" or larger monitor, and MS XP Pro unless I decide to run an old copy I have of 2000 Pro.

    I don't guess MicroSoft gives away, or offers a discount on, an Operating System when you Build a New System.???

    I am not sure if I am expecting to much for just $1,000 or not.

    I will be using the System for Web browsing, Web Page Creation/Design, and Multi-Tabling Poker Games. May occasionally do some 3D gaming. Will also be trying to learn C++, or other Language. I have a Limited programming background. And I almost forgot, I will at some point, maybe soon, make it dual boot with LINUX and Windows.

    Thanks for help/suggestions

    ......Hope this covers what you needed alcattle
  3. most of those boards will be fine. I have a biostar 550, waiting to build.
    You will only need 1 ide, that handle 2 devices.
    Should be ok to start with onboard graphics, if you want to play games that need more power, then install a gfx card.
  4. Hey Big Al,

    Just wondering What Model 550 you meant. Is it a NF550 or a TFORCE 550..???

    THX, kenr77
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