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today my school blocked "spotify" from running on our computers (the laptops we got from school) its not just blocked when we are connect to school, the program/ a file in the program is blocked. we have full access to everything, and we can reinstall our operativ sys if we want, but when we connect to the schools domain the block will be running again. when i start the program a message come up wich says "this program is blocked by a groupprinciple, if you want more information contact your systemadminstrator".
is there any possible way to get through this? i tried running another operativsystem in vm-ware but then it says that "cannot find "WINHTTP.dll". please, re-install this application" and i get the same message when i reinstall it too.

thanksfull for help
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  1. The program is blocked by a GPO. In others words, you can install an reinstall the OS, but you can't install software that have some specific caracteristics, for example, a program that monitoring the activity of the network.
  2. yeah i kinda figured that out, except the name:), but you know any way to pass it?
  3. No, it's not posible pass this GPO.
  4. okej :/ thx anyways man :)
  5. ^OK..
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