Blank screen at Login

my screen goes blank(says no input available) right after the vista loading screen.if i hibernate at that point and then resume its all fine...i even played Far Cry 2!
i tried "last known good Config" but still no use...can boot into safe mode and to normal windows without ATI drivers.
even tried older versions of my display driver.

any help guys?

thank you
my config-
DELL SP2008WFP|MSI P45 NEO-F|Intel Q6600|Palit HD 4850 Sonic|Windows VISTA 32-bit|Cooler Master PCAR-600|
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  1. i formatted my C drive and installed VISTA Ultimate(had Basic before).

    the problem still exists and now ive lost the Hibernate option! :( :fou:

    i really need help guys!

    thank you
  2. Try using the other connector on your vid card.
  3. thanks but that dint work!
    installed the oldest drivers and used a VGA worked!i switched back to DVI and new drivers and looks fine now!

    thank you
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