Need Help With a Blue Screen Error

I had been running windows xp on a 160gb Western Digital SATA hard drive for about 3 years now....System had started getting sluggish even with defrags and creg i decided to do a system erase with a CD that i use to well...erase systems?? haha

anyways after doing a standard 3 pass erase, i popped in my windows XP cd and booted it up...after getting past the initial driver setups, it says now starting windows, and i get a "SECTION3_FAILED_INITIALIZATION" error.

I don't know what to do people are saying its my windows XP cd but yesterday i did a system whipe and reinstall for a friend using the same CD to erase the system, and the same Windows XP CD to retinstall and it worked out just fine for him.

I've gone in the bios and used fail-safe defaults for my settings and still no avail. People are saying its the CD and others my CD Drive, some say even my memory? whats the catch here?

thanks guys :]
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  1. First of all, try different media to verify it's not the cd you're using.

    Download Memtest86 and run that, make sure it's not faulty ram. I believe ubuntu live cd's have memtest on them also.

    Try using a different cd drive.

    Check your hard drive isn't failing. If the PC had been getting progressively slower and crashed occasionaly it's likely that you're witnessing your hard drive on it's last legs. You can stick the hard drive in another machine and use somehting like HDTune to check SMART attributes, although this isn't a substitute for a full hardware diagnostic tool such as Sandra or UltraX. UBCD4Win also had hdd diagnostic tools.
  2. I am trying to install XP onto a new hard drive in my laptop. The new drive passes all the tests in the BIOS. The setup files all load OK, but when it's time to setup the OS nothing happens - just freezes at the blue setup screen.
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