64 and 32 bit speed difference?

Hey, I was wondering if the speed difference in a 64 bit OS is worth the compatibility trouble it gives you. Has anyone done any tests to see how much faster your computer will run with a 64 bit OS with 4+ GB of ram? I'm asking because I'm not sure which one to get for my new computer, at first I was set on 64 bit but I'm hearing it gives a lot of problems with older programs.
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  1. What is the list of programs you're concerned about? Most 32-bit programs will run without issue... old 16-bit programs will not run at all. Knights of the Old Republic (a fairly old game) runs fine in Vista 64... at least on my system.
  2. Dont have any specific ones...but I also heard about 64 bit having problems with drivers. What I really would like to know is the speed difference you get with the extra RAM thats being used from 64 bit.
  3. No drivers issues at all with recent hardware... you only have to worry if your hardware is 2 years old or more... and even then you may still have nothing to worry about. I don't think the extra RAM has much to do with the speed difference... but there is definately a performance improvement going from 32-bit to 64-bit.
  4. I've been running 64 bit for the last 18 months. There is no speed difference, and neither have I had no troubles with compatibility. I suppose you might if you built your comp out of old parts you may have had laying around. But in that case, you shouldn't be installing a 64 bit OS anyhow.

    Buil;d your computer, and don't worry about it.
  5. Well it does but that's the nature with all older programs... not just 64 bit and 32 bit. Ya x64 has limited driver availability but it's only for the old stuff. Everything new is 64 capable. As far as speed goes there is no difference, (Maybe minimal at best) but where it performs better than x86 is under intense situations. Whenever you are doing a bunch of things at once that are kinda intense an x64 machine will have a little more speed to it and will handle better than the x86 computer with the same amount of RAM.
  6. Mate if you want speed read the tomshardware reveiw on vista with 8gb RAM, this is what made me go buy 8gb for my rig tho now i have a pci-bus memory range conflict most users on here told me to fix this by going to driver manager and clicking on the pci-bus and going to proberties and change but in the proberties it wont let you change anything so how the hell i fix it , it does it for every os ive installed (windows 7 , vista x32 + x64 + windows xp) it realy annoying as pc bsods every 2 to 3 hours FFS all i want is a working pc dam microsoft and there crappy rushed operating systems. I would hold you horses tho and wiat for windows 7 if you can and just download cairo shell alternative atm for youre system as its XP+ vista compatible. As Vista is Rushed and crap after buying it the first week the ultimate x64 was released (£300) and then updating for 2 yr now the only extras we got was childs games , and now windows 7 is out in beta and where the F**k is are extras for ultimate waste of bloody money, useless OS tbfh. Who wants to pay £300 for windows tinker lmfao this vista is lame stay XP and download the cairo you'll love it mate .
  7. another thing is when vendors have to make drivers for vista i believe they are required now to make both 32 and 64-bit drivers. my view is if you have 4GB+ of ram then go 64 so all the ram can be used but if you only have 1-2GB of ram then stick with 32-bit windows. if your worried about drivers then stick to the big brands of parts like creative Lab's which has 64-bit drivers for my 6 year old Audigy 2 sound card
  8. Don't bother with 32-bit.
  9. eryx24 said:
    I'm asking because I'm not sure which one to get for my new computer, at first I was set on 64 bit but I'm hearing it gives a lot of problems with older programs.

    If you're in love with some really really old 16 bit programs/games or whatever then No, they won't run on a 64 bit OS. Though you absolutely can run them in a Virtual Machine with Win 2K or XP installed on that.

    The other thing is there isn't a 64 bit version of Adobe's Flash Player available yet - Though there is a beta floating around. *BUT* you can install and run the 32 bit version on the 32 bit browser of yoru choice.
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