Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem

I recently tried updating my Realtek driver from my motherboard manufacturer's website and, after updating, HD Audio manager is pretty much non-functional. It recognizes when I plug in my speakers and microphone, but does not allow me to adjust any options after that. Also, under the speakers tab, I cannont choose which type of speaker setup I have nor does it recognize that I have an audio device plugged in when I try to pull up the Volume Mixer under the quicktray HD audio manager icon.

When I check Sounds in the Control panel, it says I have speakers plugged in and that they are working, but I cannot get any sound.

I have tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them about 4 different times from 4 different sources and they all act the same way. Im pretty sure the chipset is okay, because when I tried plugging in the speakers, into the correct jack of course, with them on, I get an awful feedback noise.

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. This is what I did and it works.
    The RT audio manager is junk.
    Goto control panel and delete it.
    Keep the driver just get rid of the manager.
    Everything will work as it should.
    I think the trouble is that it and windows both are trying for control and causing problems.
    You will have all options available through windows.
  2. Should probably mention I have Vista 64. Anyway, I tried going to Control Panel to delete just the manager, but it doesn't look like there is an option to delete just the manager. It looks like the entire driver has to be deleted.

    How did you go about deleting just the manager?
  3. Its been a while but it either listed seperatly which I think it was or when choosing to delte the driver it gave me the option.
    If I remember correctly it was called something else but I cant remember what the application was called.
    Possibly this will help
    goto run type msconfig (enter) goto startup and find the app. and uncheck the box so it doesnt start and reboot just to be sure this is the real problem and post back
  4. Unchecked the HD Audio Control Panel in the startup menu and still no sound. Speakers are plugged in and on.

    Could something have happened internally to the integrated audio chip?
  5. Also, under the 'Sound' menu in Control Panel, nothing seems to work properly either. I cannot disable any devices, nor can I make any adjustments to any settings. Even hitting configure doesn't do anything.
  6. I also have I problem which I cannot sort out :(
    I have ASUS P5QL with integrated Realtek HD Sound.
    When I upgraded and installed Vista all worked just fine.
    When I switched the audio jack on the speakers the sound suddenly went out :( I tried connecting speakers to my laptop they worked fine. Could it be that I burned out my sound chip on MB with this ?
    I tried everything but no luck. The sound went out listening music.
    Please help.
  7. You say that you switched the audio jack. Switch it back.
  8. The sound disappeared when I switched back.
    Everything is switched as before, but there is no sound.
    I`am consider buying more better sound card. But maybe something happened with the sound chip (maybe I fried it somehow). Any suggestions or solutions ? Thank You!
  9. I made a mess... I uninstalled the RT manager ...and...i think i did the same with the driver(s)... I've got a notebook, windows xp, and i have no sound at all. I went to Control Panel/ sounds and audio devices and it figures that i have no audio devices at all so it doesn't even let me click in any option... not even when i plug in my earphones...what can i do?? PLEASE HELP ME :(
    Thanks and regards,
  10. :yahoo:
  11. I also have an ASUS P5QL and seem to have the same problem, has any of you managed to find a solution?
    Please don't tell me to upgrade to Win7 it is not an option since there are no drivers for my TV tuner card.

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