Adobe does it again! Drops Flash support for Linux!

Adobe has issued a statement this morning that they will effectively be abandoning Flash Player support on Linux. After Flash Player 11.2 they will no longer be providing updates for Linux users but just maintaining the 11.2 release. Google is expected to take over with a Flash Player implementation based upon a new API, but only for Google Chrome-based web-browsers.

Hitting my inbox this morning was Adobe and Google Partnering for Flash Player on Linux. The statement is brief but basically it says Google and Adobe have been working to develop a modern API for web-browser plug-ins. The result of this collaboration is PPAPI (codenamed "Pepper") and is designed to be work for different web-browsers and operating systems. The Pepper Plug-In API is something that Google has been working on for at least the past three years to replace NPAPI (the Netscape Plug-In API).

PPAPI is designed to work across browsers and platforms, but as of right now Google Chrome/Chromium is the only supported web-browser. Mozilla has previously said they are not interested in supporting PPAPI for Firefox.

Adobe has partnered with Google now to provide a PPAPI-based implementation of Flash for x86/x86_64 that's supported by the Google Chrome browser. Google is expected to begin shipping this new Flash Player within their Chrome browser later this year for all supported platforms. As far as any other browsers getting in on this action, Adobe doesn't mention any others.

Good! Now we as the internet can see a flash-free future :).

But yes, I find this disturbing. Almost like Adobe and Google are trying to squeeze out Firefox.
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  1. I read this today, was a bit upset. The only reason I care is because of the (unfortunate) remaining Flash websites. I hope this starts a larger push away from Flash use.
  2. You can still use Gnash. Now that Adobe are making the move to HTML5 output from their product the good news is that there are unlikely to be any more changes to Flash that will cause problems with the open source alternatives.
  3. The sooner that Flash dies the death, the better.
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