About to overclock E6600 on DS3...Need some help

I have never overclocked anything before, so im looking for some advice. I have the E6600 on a Gigabyte 965P-DS3 with 4 gigs of OCZ ram (5-5-5-15). Im running it on vist ultimate (64 bit) and have the artic cooling freezer 7. I would like to go as high as safely possible and read the article on overclocking v1.1. Im still confused as to what voltages to set things at (MCH, FSB, SB, CPU). My mobo gives me +.1, +.2 etc. and im not sure where to put them. Im looking for any advice I can get.
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  1. Check your inbox. I'm sending your my Overclocking on the DS3 for Newbies guide ;)
  2. Exactly what I needed, THANK YOU!
  3. hi, can you send me the ds3 for newbies. as i want to overclock my 6600 ds3 combo

  4. Hi, i'm algo getting that exact same combo (6600+ds3) and would be realy greatful if you could send me that newbie manual
  5. Done and Done.

    Let us know how the OC'ing goes!!
  6. Hook a brotha up with that Guide......Thanks....!!!
  7. Hey Skyguy can u send me the guide to please?
  8. Sure thing, check your Inbox ;)
  9. Thanks alot! Btw great work :P
  10. Could you please post the guide in this forum. I could use it too. The biggest problem I have is knowing which component to increase voltage on (i.e. Nb, Memory, CP). how do you determine which component is unstable.
  11. Ive overclocked my e4300 but blindly added voltage as I saw fit (nothing substantial, just +.2 max to anything) but I would love to read this guide of yours. Posting it on the forum would be ideal for everyone I assume, but a PM will be sufficient :).

  12. Hey dont mean to burden you by joining the crowd, but can u send it to me aswell please?

  13. Done, done, and done. 8)

    Jedi, generally speaking, the voltages that need to be increased for stability on the DS3 are vCore and vDimm. vMCH can be +0.1v, but it depends on how hardcore you're going.

    But 98% of the time it's vcore and vdimm. These C2D chips have huge headroom, so it depends if your RAM can take the speed and the juice. For example, my old OCZ Platinums ran great at 4-4-4-15 at 800mhz. But getting them past 860 was not good.....they just didn't wanna push, even with looser timings. So some RAM can go high, some can't. Those of you with a 4300 or 6600 won't have to worry because of the higher multiplier. Those of you with a 6300 will need good RAM to get really high overclocks though.

    Generally around 3.0ghz, you'll need around 1.35 vcore and +0.1v or +0.2v vdimm, depending on the RAM. There are exceptions, but those settings should work. vMCH could go +0.1v maybe. vFSB, vPCI stay stock. So it's mostly the vcore and then vdimm that need the juice.

    Lemme know if any questions, check your Inboxes.
  14. I just built a DS3 + E6600 system for a friend with a Zalman 9500 and I was able to get it 16 hours orthos stable @ 3.01ghz (9x334mhz) with 835mhz memory (4-4-3-5 timings) without changing any voltages accept the memory @ +.2 to make it to 2.0v (stock for his memory and I upped the FSB voltage to +.1v and everything else stayed the same. I was quite impressed to say the least. Im sure your build will go well. Especially with a guide!


  15. I too would be very appreciative if you sent me a copy of the o/cing for NEWBIES.
    Dunka :D
  16. LOL, done :)
  17. 3Ball, you got GREAT results there, well done!!! :)

    Yeah, if running into stabiliity problems, then definitely bumping up vcore, vdimm almost always solve it.

    In general, for just about any overclock on a DS3 that isn't insane high, vCore to 1.35, vdimm to +0.1v (or maybe +0.2v), vMCH +0.1v almost always works and is stable. There are exceptions, but I've had it work too many times to argue LOL.

    However, the goal is to always get the volts down to what is still stable, so 1.325 vcore might even work. But those settings I just said have almost always worked on just about any C2D and a DS3, so it's the best starting point.

    Just gotta make sure EIST, C1E, etc, etc is all disabled and PCI is locked to 100.

    Do all that, and you're almost guaranteed to hit 3.0 ghz without breaking a sweat........ASSUMING you have some decent cooling. DON'T FORGET THE COOLING!!!!!!! ;)
  18. yea man, i was able lower his voltage to 1.325 on the vcore, and his temps are 46c on max load with othos in his Antec 900 with the Zalman 9500 w/ arctic silver 5...not to shabby i might say! lol the real pride and joy in his system was me being able to convince him to get the pc power and cooling 750w power supply...lets just say that it handles everything just fine...lmao


  19. Could you send me the ocing for newbies guide as well Skyguy :) ?? Thanks in advance!
  20. Check your inbox ;)
  21. Hey Skyguy, would you mind sending me that guide? I've been looking for a good beginner's guide to overclocking on this board. Thanks a lot.
  22. LOL, sure thing. Check your Inbox.
  23. Hey, can i get the newbie guide as well? I have both the e6600 and a e4300 with a ds3 board and a zalman 9500 on both. Thanks in advance
  24. Err could you send the guide to me as well? lol :wink: I would really appreciate it.
  25. Done.

    I'd charge a cookie for it, but the way the requests are going I'd probably end up with Office Ass and a Sugar Gut.

    Not cool.

  26. Hey Skyguy, why don't you make a theread about your OC'ing guide? Wouldn't that be easier than individually sending it to every person that asks?

    I'm fairly confident I know what I'm doing, but it never hurts, can you send the guide to me also?


    I'd pay you, but then I realize that I don't have any moneys.... :(
  27. PM sent.

    Ya, I've thought about posting it, but I've resisted for a couple reasons.....one of which is that there is technically a guide by Wusy already and I certainly don't want to "contradict" anything he says LOL. The other reason is that there are a number of ways to get from A to B, and this is one way......there are others.....and I suspect I'll get a number of comments from advanced OC'ers. But again, this is a newbie guide, there are more "advanced" things that can be done. This is the 1st step, and an easy way to get a good overclock specifically on a DS3.

    I don't mind PM'ing people, it's just a copy/paste thing. I may look at making a post, but I would like some feedback from people that have used my guide before I do that. See if they think it's good or crap LOL.

    So what do you guys think? Good enough for a post, or I'm an idiot and it's crap? :roll:
  28. If it is not trouble, I would like a copy of the guide as well. I did a brief OC soon after building, but stopped as I was not confident with monitoring it and I knew I needed more cooling. I need to read and learn more.
  29. One more this way please?

    Getting tired yet?
  30. I signed up just to get the newbie guide :) I hope I get it :)
  31. Yeah I could really use a guide like that too, would greatly appreciate it.

    tim070192 at hotmail dot com
  32. ROFL !

    Yeah dewd you should probably make a post of that one, haha.

    Judging by the response in this thread alone, it may even become a sticky. :P

    Good luck all who are overclocking :wink:
  33. Guide requested. Whoopie!
  34. HOLY CRAP!!!

    I check my Inbox a few hours later and I got 15 messages for the DS3 Guide. WOW. 8O

    I think I may have to post the Guide, I can't keep up with these PM's LOL. While I was typing a response, 2 more requests came in......well, I guess there's only 1 way to go this, eh?

    So, the only question:

    Post this in the Overclocking section, or just directly in the Gigabyte section since it's specifically for the DS3?

    I don't wanna conflict with Wusy's guide, so maybe the Giga forum?
  35. Ok,

    Done, done, done, done, done, done, done, done, done, done, done, and DONE.

  36. Thanks a bunch!! :D
  37. Hey Skyguy, can i PLEASE get the how-to guide too??
  38. Skyguy (or anyone that can help):

    Can you please send me your guide to overclocking my DS3 - E6600 Chip?

    I just put system together yesterday. Got to the POST successfully. I started to play around a little bit (in the bios and with RAID), I also started to do a windows xp install, but stopped when I saw the reported RAID drive size wasnt correct (I will need to install RAID drivers first).

    I have done some mild overclocking 5 years ago, but am a NOOB by todays standards.

    I have a DS3 Rev 3.3
    2gb of G-Skill Memory
    E6600, Artic 7 Freezer Pro Fan
    Two 320gb Hard Drives (Will run on RAID0)
    Antec Sonata III Case with a Earthwatts 500w PSU
    DVD Writer and a DVD ROM

    I was using the guide at:

    Some of the BIOS settings that he mentioned in the guide were not on my screen (do I need to update the BIOS to get it to agree with the guide). In particular, I did not see anything on the "MIT" page about memory timings.

    Not sure why my BIOS screen doesnt agree with the above guide.

    I just want to get things up and running at stock speeds for a few days, then after everything is stable and I have all drivers installed correctly, I will overclock to the 3.2 to 3.6 range.
  39. May I ask for a copy of your guide as well. Thanks.
  40. Thanks for the guide. It was a very good read. I think someone somewhere likes me alot, cause it seems I accidentally stumbled upon all the correct settings! :lol: Anyways, like I mentioned, thanks again!
  41. I think your guide for newbies deserves to be a sticky.
  42. Would you be so kind as to supply a copy, many thanks.
  43. Wow, I can't keep up!!!!! :roll:

    I think I'll make a post tonight, dunno if it'll make Sticky but at least I can bump it on occasion.

    Ok, sit tight guys, I'll do my best to get it tweaked for tonight. See ya on the flipside........
  44. Looking forward to getting your guide later, I will check for a "sticky".

    One question I need help with...

    How do I get at the "memory timings portion" of my BIOS? It is not on the version of BIOS I have (my MB is a DS3 V3.3 from newegg this past week).

    Is it in a hidden menu? Or do I need to get a newer version of the BIOS?

    "3 Ball" said something about CTRL + F1, but I didnt fully understand this.


  45. just to add a lil note:

    i have the DS3 and i just bumped up to the F11 bios. it seemed to help out my OC a lil bit and also seemed more stable. i recomend using that bios. also if your not comfortable with flashing a bios pm me and ill help you. the @Bios utility comes with your mobo driver cd and is very easy to use.

    ive OC'd a few CPU's with this board and this CPU is the BEST!
  46. Is it better to have a higher FSB with a lower multiplier?

    Not sure what combinations I should try...

    Someone said to stay just off of 400 (395 or 410)

    8x multiplier with a 400fsb

    9x multiplier with a 334-375fsb

    or 9x with 400 FSB (Is that pushing it?), I have a DS3/E6600, Artic Freezer 7, 2gb G-Skill DDR2 800 with low timings.

    What should I start off at, what can I expect to reasonably achieve?

    I will prolly let the system stabalize for a couple of days at stock speed first (before I attempt any overclocks).

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  47. a higher multiplier is always better. it allows you to reach higher OC's.
    most of the time a chip is limited to OC'ing due to its multiplier. Chips like the e6800 which allow you to change the multiplier are the best.
  48. Ok, since I can't keep up with all the requests and PM's, I've now posted my newbie Guide for OC'ing on the DS3.

    Here you go everyone:


    Hope it helps, feedback would be appreciated! (or votes for Sticky ;) )
  49. The best bit of info was the voltage setting - changed that and suddenly it all worked. Thanks
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