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Hello, Im having a very annoying problem with my installation of 11.10, despite many hours of searching i still have no solution so im hoping someone here can help. Long and short of it is this... My USB ports keep randomly dropping thier connection, whether it is dropping the connection on my WIFI dongle which requires a complete restart to reinitialize, or transfering music etc to my smartphone which suddenly disconnects in mid transfer, if my Iphone is plugged in via USB and my system shuts off the USB it sends my iphone into a boot loop.... at first i thought it was my WIFI dropping, i have done everything that seems to work for everyone else on the net and it still doesnt work, i noticed it was a problem with the USB ports when my connection to other devices were dropping at the same time as wifi dropping, there is no pattern to the dropping it is completely random, sometimes i can go for 3 days sometimes i get USB disconnections every few minutes.... ANNOYING!
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  1. I have not heard of such an issue before, but the first place I would look is the kernel or system logs right after you see the connection dropped (you can check the kernel log with dmesg|tail from a terminal, to get the system log do something like sudo tail /var/log/syslog, also from the terminal). With any luck, you'll see something related to USB occurring that you can search for a solution on. If in doubt, post what you find here.
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